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  1. Draona A.

    Draona A.

    Lakewood, OH Walk more miles this year, continue my yoga practice, and workout more consisitently.

  2. Alan J.

    Alan J.

    South Riding, VA Getting back to things. I've got the mind to do it but the body needs a little time to catch up! No races planned for the moment...but soon!

  3. Neal S.

    Neal S.

    Cleveland, OH fitness and health

  4. Doug C.

    Doug C.

    Waukesha, WI Summer Century rides, The Wright Stuff Century

  5. Howie B.

    Howie B.

    Lexington, KY health and fitness

  6. Jacob R.

    Jacob R.

    Camas, WA Seattle to Portland Bike Trek (training goal, 700 miles)

  7. Jose G.

    Jose G.

    West Sacramento, CA To heal and run again.

  8. Candace B.

    Candace B.

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL general exercise for now, eventually another distance race! (Palm Beach 1/2, maybe?)

  9. James S.

    James S.

    Fayetteville, NC Just attempting to stay alive :) Will want to do some 5 and 10 K later.

  10. Lori D.

    Lori D.

    Auburn, AL Couch to 5k

  11. Juraj V.

    Juraj V.

    Trnava, SK nikdy zo mňa nebude žiadny cyklista, ale zatiaľ ma to baví :-)

  12. John S.

    John S.

    Chicago, IL Be fit. Be a better example for my son. Enjoy my training and races. Eventually complete a half ironman.

  13. Simon L.

    Simon L.

    Kent, GB Er, try and do a bit more than I have mamaged so far this year:D

  14. Sean L.

    Sean L.

    Kingston, ON Half Marathon this summer

  15. Andy A.

    Andy A.

    Cranston, RI Weight loss and general health

  16. Jen B.

    Jen B.

    Hartford, CT I just had my second baby (2 under 2!) and worked out entire pregnancy. I'm back at it but with a double stroller this time!

  17. David G.

    David G.

    Hoboken, NJ 5K

  18. Kim P.

    Kim P.

    Henderson, NV Runner for life!

  19. Cheryl W.

    Cheryl W.

    Scarborough, ME - training for BAA Half Marathon Oct '15 - tone my body and get back to my bikini - beat 5K PR 28:24 - beat 10K PR 1:04:32 - beat half marathon PR 2:36:06

  20. Brian B.

    Brian B.

    Buffalo, NY Same thing as everybody else who does distance running: Boston.