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  1. Howell
  2. Andrea
  3. Tillman
  4. Horace
  5. Ashley


    Kirkland, WA I am training for a Marathon in June

  6. John S.

    John S.

    Athens, GR be fit, healthy and happy !

  7. Rebecca M.

    Rebecca M.

    Fort Walton Beach, FL To decrease body fat, increase lean body mass, stay sober, and continue to CrossFit and run while rehabilitating my shoulder.

  8. Katie


    TX 1. Be a fit, healthy mama. 2. Lose the deflated balloon like area around my middle (AKA Baby weight). 3. Get back into the sprint triathlons that I love.

  9. Ed D.

    Ed D.

    Waialua, HI Overall fitness. Keep up with my XC runners.

  10. Jacob T.
  11. Gena H.

    Gena H.

    Palm Harbor, FL

  12. Shazia M.

    Shazia M.

    Toronto, ON Beat my marathon PB of 4:22, which I race the Chicago Marathon in Oct 2015!

  13. Akiko T.

    Akiko T.

    Tokyo, JP complete my first half-marathon and a full marathon post giving birth :D

  14. Melissa


    Orlando, FL sub 30 5k, pick up my pace on my bike, and a summer full of tri's!

  15. Erin B.

    Erin B.

    Bellingham, WA Excercise every day!

  16. Meg K.

    Meg K.

    Loganville, GA Ragnar. Triathlon. Just have fun!

  17. Kaci G.

    Kaci G.

    OK Memorial Half-marathon. Become a runner again after two years and twins.

  18. Steven S.

    Steven S.

    St Augustine, FL Bring BAREFOOT Back

  19. Laura F.

    Laura F.

    Washington, DC

  20. Jo-Beth B.

    Jo-Beth B.

    June 2012: Decker's Creek rails to trails half marathon in Morgantown, WV