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  1. Karen T.

    Karen T.

    Rochester, NY Run everyday in JULY Finish 1/2 marathon under 2:15 (2:18:13) Work on running faster Running with my kids, 15 &12

  2. Megan M.

    Megan M.

    Overland Park, KS Finish the Perry Rocks! 50k Trail Run in May. PR at the Hospital Hill half marathon in June. Finish the Hawk 50 in September.

  3. Ray J.

    Ray J.

    Williamsport, MD To run 100 mile weeks as much as possible. To try and hit 4,000 miles for the year. And to stay healthy!!

  4. Ryan B.

    Ryan B.

    Atlanta, GA I run to stay in shape and for fun.

  5. Raquel S.

    Raquel S.

    Pentwater, MI

  6. Jessica B.

    Jessica B.

    US I'm currently rehabbing an LCL injury on my left knee but have big plans for 2014! My first half (in June!) and my first full (in December!) Plus other fun!

  7. Chris W.

    Chris W.

    To Get the national youth record for most miles run in 48 hours, (117miles) I believe