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  1. Matthew A.

    Matthew A.

    Carrollton, GA 1. Complete my first 100 Mile race. 2. Place top 10 in an ultra-marathon. 3. Complete 6 Ultra Marathons in one year.

  2. Lisa K.

    Lisa K.

    Shepherdstown, WV To run the JFK 50 miler November 2012. It is the 50th anniversary. I will be 50 yrs old and it is the 50th anniversary of the JFK. It is written in the stars !

  3. Laura M.

    Laura M.

    Apopka, FL 2013 goals: 1) GET FIT, 2) eat quality foods, 3) complete a 70.3 distance race, 4) bike my first century, and 5) score a new half-marathon PR (sub-1:59).

  4. Darrell G.

    Darrell G.

    Jacksonville, FL To Never Outrun the Joy of Running!

  5. Melissa L.

    Melissa L.

    Chicago, IL The 2008 Chicago Half Marathon, 2009 Chicago Marathon

  6. Raaj H G.

    Raaj H G.

    Borivali, IN for health

  7. Steffie T.

    Steffie T.

    San Francisco, CA To qualify for the Boston Marathon, and the New York Half Marathon. Eventually run around the world

  8. Conner S.

    Conner S.

    Maple Falls, WA Be ALL that I can be and not let others tell me what's possible and what's not.

  9. Linda H.

    Linda H.

    Omaha, NE to increase my running miles and PR . Find more friends to run with and road bike with.

  10. Vincent S.

    Vincent S.

    Upland, CA

  11. Laurie B.

    Laurie B.

    Charlotte, NC Currently, my goal is to lose the last of my baby weight and get hubby into exercising with me. 14 lbs to go!

  12. Annabeth P.

    Annabeth P.

    Clarksville, TN my goal is to be an acrobat because i'm limber or a pro soccer player. RUN IT FAST . I'm the total package.

  13. Michael H.

    Michael H.

    Rickmansworth, GB To enjoy the fresh air, scenery and wildlife, I may even have the odd race along the way :)

  14. Robin


    Saskatoon, SK my heart....and health....and ultimately a few half marathons next year (at least 4) and as many small ones I can do...little victories for this girl!! ;)

  15. Jessica P.

    Jessica P.

    Manistique, MI

  16. Mike C.

    Mike C.

    Geneseo, IL 2013- just run lots of races! Pile up the medals/trophies, improve my PR times, keep up the weight training, run a marathon(!!), maybe grow some facial hair =)

  17. Frannie T.

    Frannie T.

    Lake Arrowhead, CA to run the comrades in south Africa 2012 the downhill year!

  18. Douglas M.

    Douglas M.

    Norman, OK To increase strength, and become faster.

  19. Brenda H.

    Brenda H.

    Sheridan, OR To be healthy and fit and strong. Find balance in my life one running ...trotting ..loping step at a time

  20. Bryce P.

    Bryce P.

    Pleasant Grove, UT To see how far I can pass my limits. In 2013 goal times: 1 mile: 4:00-05, 5k: 14:30, 10k: 31:00, half mara: sub 1:10...... Marathon: 2:40 or under....