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  1. Jules L.

    Jules L.

    Lincoln, NE Improve my 5K time...maybe train for longer distances. And to find some running buddies.

  2. Jenny M.

    Jenny M.

    Chicago, IL Run far, enjoy the scenery, meet new people, see the world, find the trails less traveled by. Blessed with the company of the best 4-legged running buddy ever.

  3. Jason S.

    Jason S.

    Romeoville, IL Chicago Marathon 2010 sub 3:40

  4. Ed S.

    Ed S.

    New Orleans, LA 5K's, 10K's, occasional half-marathons, trail runs and "combo" events

  5. John C.

    John C.

    Manhattan, NY sub 1:40 half-marathon | another Ragnar | another marathon?

  6. Bridget Y.

    Bridget Y.

    Indianola, WA Run the Vancouver, BC marathon in May, run at least 3 half marathons, complete 1 sprint tri and one olympic tri

  7. Jim C.

    Jim C.

    Charleston, SC To live and encouraged people.

  8. Julie


    Pasadena, CA Seattle Marathon on June 25, then the Marine Corps on October 31!

  9. Kayla C.

    Kayla C.

    Pulaski, NY A Half Marathon Before I walk down the aisle in July 2012--hopefully in the best shape of my life!

  10. Kris K.

    Kris K.

    Denver, CO Due to a broken ankle last yr I'm attempting my original goal I was unable to achieve, run 2013 miles and 1 of the following- 1:35 half or 3:40 full marathon.

  11. Christine B.

    Christine B.

    US to run a 5K

  12. Jenny M.

    Jenny M.

    States for hurdling in track by senior year

  13. Caitlin T.

    Caitlin T.

    Arlington, VA Within the next year, I'd love to run 3 more halves and eventually work my way up to a full marathon!

  14. Christopher H.

    Christopher H.

    San Francisco, CA Half Marathon

  15. Catherine B.

    Catherine B.

    Falls Church, VA 2010 Marine Corps Marathon

  16. Grijalva
  17. Ross