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  1. Chris R.

    Chris R.

    Framingham, MA My goal for the next year is to complete two Half Marathons and my first Full Marathon, the Marine Corp Marathon and the Goofy Challenge in Jan 2012

  2. Toni Y.

    Toni Y.

    Corona, CA Short term is to finish C25K and then move onto 10K training and then half

  3. Ron G.

    Ron G.

    Aurora, CO I like Daily Mile, but am going to focus on Strava and Training Peaks. You may follow me at:

  4. Mara B.

    Mara B.

    Arlington Heights, IL To run 2 half marathons a year and to one day break 1:45

  5. Kat L.

    Kat L.

    Clermont, FL To run a full marathon in 5 hours or less. To run a half marathon in 2:15 or less.

  6. Patia V.

    Patia V.

    Covina, CA Marathon

  7. Leslie P.

    Leslie P.

    Tulsa, OK Route 66 Marathon

  8. Heather


    Chicago, IL

  9. Rachael


    Houston, TX run a sub-3:45 marathon in January :)

  10. Angel F.

    Angel F.

    Aberdeen, NC My first goal is to do a 5K this spring/summer.

  11. Jodi T.

    Jodi T.

    Bowman, ND Newbie runner...setting smaller goals for someday run a 10K or higher :)

  12. Danielle H.

    Danielle H.

    Seattle, WA 5K - 19:59 25K- 1:58 Half Marathon- 1:28 Marathon- 3:15 50K- 4:20 50M- Finish

  13. Lauren E.

    Lauren E.

    Baltimore, MD

  14. Lavanna H.

    Lavanna H.

    Indianapolis, IN getting back in shape after have a little baby in january. mostly with running...but, i can't wait to get back to hot yoga. my goal race: the indy mini in may!

  15. Jessica A.

    Jessica A.

    Woodstock, GA Excellence! I would love to finish a full marathon, be able to do an unassisted pull up, and hold and pike slowly into a handstand.

  16. Alex


    Fort Worth, TX Cowtown 1/2 Marathon and I enjoy running whenever I can

  17. Amanda B.

    Amanda B.

    Lincoln, NE Is to enjoy an active lifestyle, keep running races (e.g. half marathons, marathons, 5k, 10k, etc.), and broadening my horizons by doing another triathlon.

  18. Carrie H.

    Carrie H.

    Huntsville, AL Have fun!

  19. Sheridan O.

    Sheridan O.

    Raleigh, NC Recovering from ACL surgery so I'm trying to ease back into things. Currently training for a half marathon and trying minimalist running. Chia seeds, anyone?

  20. Gopinath S.

    Gopinath S.

    Chennai, IN 10 K