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  1. Frank A.

    Frank A.

    Morton, IL Getting back to running and helping my wife complete her first 15K and goal half marathon - Disney Star Wars Jan 2016!

  2. Jim G.

    Jim G.

    Woodlawn, TN Recover from Knee surgery and run a 5K, next prepare for the start of the 33rd Tennessee state parks running tour that starts in October 2011

  3. Dwight


    Corpus Christi, TX Long time cyclist now adding running.

  4. Leslie M.

    Leslie M.

    Little Rock, AR I'm trying to improve my time and become stronger. Weight loss is a plus but I like to eat... A lot!

  5. Hayley C.

    Hayley C.

    Murray, UT Complete an Olympic distance Triathlon and run the Ogden marathon

  6. Jessica Reyes I.

    Jessica Reyes I.

    San Antonio, TX to run pass a group of girls and hear them say Bitch ! lmao !!

  7. Ann Marie M.

    Ann Marie M.

    MA Run a full marathon before my next birthday!

  8. Lisa A.
  9. Sarah


    Mac Kenzie, BC BMO Vancouver Marathon 2011

  10. Reynell M.
  11. Jennie H.

    Jennie H.

    To get a 20 minute 5k by senior year.

  12. Paida C.

    Paida C.

    MN To run the Earth Day half marathon in early April.

  13. Jt S.

    Jt S.

    Algonquin, IL Run 10k & get healthy

  14. Barbara L.

    Barbara L.

    Palm Springs, CA I hope to eventually do a half marathon.

  15. Liane M.

    Liane M.

    Lexington, KY eventually run a 50k and 100k are my biggest goals but i'd also like to perfect my stride and run more.

  16. Aimee M.

    Aimee M.

    Frisco, TX To run at least 4x/week and maintain my base mileage at 15-20miles per week.

  17. Shirl M.

    Shirl M.

    Miramar, FL 2018 Goal: Running a few half marathons this year, and maintaining good health by running smart.

  18. Ann F.

    Ann F.

    Laingsburg, MI To kick some running ass!! I let a year go by and failed at running.....I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN! Nothing is going to stop me now! Working my way up to a 10k.

  19. Erin F.

    Erin F.

    To pass on a love of running to my athletes! To stay healthy and continue running for as long as I can!!!

  20. Marie S.

    Marie S.

    US Maintain current health and fitness level. At least 10 mile/week running with 2 non running workouts/week.