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  1. Kathy Y.

    Kathy Y.

    Moore, OK To recover from five surgeries and eventually run pain-free again, successfully build mileage swimming, cycling, and running, and maybe, one day, BQ! :)

  2. Gopinath S.

    Gopinath S.

    Chennai, IN 10 K

  3. Larry Lee Haney J.

    Larry Lee Haney J.

    Douglasville, GA Hoping to run my first 10k in january. My PR 5k time is 25:43. Working on endurence.

  4. M Asyraf C O.

    M Asyraf C O.

    Malaysia, MY I just want to run 100km and cycling 200km per month...

  5. Kelsey N.

    Kelsey N.

    Half Marathon in February

  6. Mike M.

    Mike M.

    Benicia, CA Running a 1/2 and eventually a full marathon. My first half is on 9/16 :)

  7. Frank B.

    Frank B.

    Ludwigshafen, DE I restarted my running in March 2013. Since then I did some 10k races. Now I train for my first half marathon.

  8. Ingunn K.

    Ingunn K.

    Asker, NO Running, riding or working out (or keep myself active in any other way) for a minimum of three hours or more every week.

  9. Becky L.

    Becky L.

    Goffstown, NH Is to be healthy and fit and to raise money for charity. My son is a cancer survivor and I hope to help raise funds for cancer research with charitable races.

  10. Trey K.

    Trey K.

    Olathe, KS Kansas City Triathlon 2010 Shawnee Mission Park Tri 2010 Waddell and Reed Half Marathon 2010 IM Kansas and Branson 70.3's in 2011 IM Wisconsin 2012

  11. Danielle D.

    Danielle D.

    Baton Rouge, LA To get in better shape for skiing and do more triathlons!!

  12. Grady S.

    Grady S.

    Orange, CA To get in great shape for soccer. And to do a half a Iron Man with my friend!

  13. Heather R.

    Heather R.

    Waukesha, WI Get back in shape after having two kids and participate in a variety of races.

  14. Joel C D.

    Joel C D.

    Charlotte, NC To run faster, run a 10-miler, run a marathon and run a trail marathon.

  15. Jim H.

    Jim H.

    Alpine, TX Stay injury free and have fun.

  16. Aleta


    Portland, OR Get stronger, leaner and faster. Easy right?

  17. Cammie Jayne M.

    Cammie Jayne M.

    Warrenton, MO Starting a 30 week plan for marathon in California and 1/2 Iron Man.

  18. Tisha L.

    Tisha L.

    Storrs Mansfield, CT Lose weight, run more and be in great shape!

  19. Minde R.

    Minde R.

    Monroe, WA We just had our first baby! At 3 weeks PP I am 10lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight. I would like to lose another 50 and tone up my baby belly!:)

  20. Brenda C.

    Brenda C.

    The Woodlands, TX To be lead an active lifestyle, and to run a full marathon by the end of the year.