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  1. Alyssa S.

    Alyssa S.

    Chantilly, VA Just keep running, just keep running

  2. Jen


    Augusta, KS Completed 6 - 1/2 marathons and 1 - full marathon. I burned myself out with distance running and now enjoy the obstacle course running.

  3. Stacey


    Nashville, TN I finished my first half marathon in Chicago... just 2 days after my 30th birthday in September and am running the RNR Mardi Gras in February!!

  4. Pierce G.

    Pierce G.

    Fayetteville, AR An eventual marathon. Hoping to do a half marathon in the next month or two. Also hoping to lose 10 pounds and get down to my track-running weight!

  5. Rachel D.

    Rachel D.

    Albia, IA To love running again

  6. Martin K.

    Martin K.

    Prague, Czech Republic Start running

  7. Jeff B.

    Jeff B.

    US I ran my first marathon last fall. I have run for a long time. I just want to keep it up and could use an occasional running partner if you live by me.

  8. Ellen M.

    Ellen M.

    Durham, NC I joined Daily Mile at the insistence of my wonderful friend Allie Bigelow. I am here to share my witty/humorus running thoughts and read yours as well!

  9. Jodie F.

    Jodie F.

    Ypsilanti, MI 1:54:59 Half marathon 1:29:59 10 Mile Eventually finish a marathon, and Still be running when I am 50

  10. Carrie H.

    Carrie H.

    Oak Brook, IL To keep on running!

  11. Shawn D.

    Shawn D.

    Regina, SK Get back to marathon running shape! And maybe do a PB in 2013.

  12. Dewanna B.

    Dewanna B.

    Burfordville, MO My goal is to be able to completley run a 5K. I will do THAT this summer. Once I do that, I plan to work on getting my time down, and start biking! ;-)

  13. Yoan S.

    Yoan S.

    Fort Myers, FL 2012 Disney's Goofy Race and Half Challenge.

  14. Kendra K.

    Kendra K.

    Milwaukee, WI 1/2 Marathon in the Spring and Fall & 10 mile run in Summer

  15. Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    Bellevue, NE Omaha half marathon-September 26

  16. Eveline A.

    Eveline A.

    Silver Spring, MD 2013 Races: Nike Women's Half Marathon - 4/28 Army 10 Miler - 10/21 Marine Corps Marathon (!!!!) - 10/27

  17. Sam K.

    Sam K.

    Westerville, OH Going to look for a short race to do sometime, probably.

  18. Brittany L.

    Brittany L.

    Burlington, VT Getting back down to my weight when I was playing soccer for my last college!

  19. Carolyn W.

    Carolyn W.

    Kansas City, KS Rock the Parkway 10K in Kansas City (March 27)

  20. Cheryl G.

    Cheryl G.

    Seattle, WA Run my first marathon (maybe). Lose weight, increase speed.