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  1. Carla B.

    Carla B.

    Kenosha, WI I used to be a decent runner and somehow 'veered off course' and stopped, many years ago. Would like to run again and 'commit' to see where it takes me.

  2. Marie C.

    Marie C.

    Jacksonville, FL I took up tennis 2 years ago and drifted away from the cycling and running. I miss the running the most. Training for half in February. I need MOTIVATION!

  3. Lori T.

    Lori T.

    Raleigh, NC First goal is to run a half marathon. Not sure when it will be yet :)

  4. Larry F.

    Larry F.

    MI Half marathon someday, 5k soon.

  5. Morgan R.

    Morgan R.

    Tulsa, OK Nike Women's Marathon

  6. Matthew C.

    Matthew C.

    Fort Campbell, KY After 2 hip surgeries in 2016, advised I'd need knee and hip replacements, medically retired Nov 18'. I decided this summer I'd try to get back to my run shape.

  7. Joshua B.

    Joshua B.

    Tempe, AZ Marathon #5 (Phoenix Marathon)

  8. Blaize H.

    Blaize H.

    Portland, OR Qualify for Boston Marathon by 40 and kick ass along the way!

  9. Jamie H.

    Jamie H.

    Folsom, CA To do it for myself and to do it for fun.

  10. Jim


    Las Vegas, NV Fitness, conditioning, & weight loss RTC 103 Mile ride in Las Vegas October 2011

  11. Tony S.

    Tony S.

    Muscat, OM Swim as much as I can.

  12. Elle M.

    Elle M.

    Calgary, AB Get Fit.

  13. Melody L.

    Melody L.

    Galesburg, IL

  14. Amy Lauren S.

    Amy Lauren S.

    Charleston, SC Outrun people with legs longer than mine =).

  15. Michael G.

    Michael G.

    Birmingham, AL Indy Mini Mary 1:39:47 PR Fall Marathon BQ Attempt - TBD New York City Marathon - November 2nd

  16. Heidi B.

    Heidi B.

    Buffalo, NY marathon in fall 2014

  17. Ronni


    CA Field Hockey Captain!

  18. Stacey D.

    Stacey D.

    Ann Arbor, MI Recovering from a stress fracture following a half-marathon in April. Focusing on swimming and strength training for now.

  19. Ariel W.

    Ariel W.

    Pittsburgh, PA To lose 80 lbs by my wedding- October 20, 2012.

  20. Tom M.

    Tom M.

    Edmond, OK To lose weight and regain my fitness level of past. HHH-100 with my wife!