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  1. Shane B.

    Shane B.

    Rochester, IL My Goals for 2017: 1000 miles running 1500 miles cycling 30 Miles swimming. 1 ultra (50K or better) PR Something, ANYTHING.

  2. Greg L.

    Greg L.

    Break 20 minutes in the 5 km and 1:35 in the half

  3. Jeff


    Fair Oaks, CA Get & stay healthy. Run my first 100 miler. Train consistently and become a better, faster, more efficient runner.

  4. Vincent L.

    Vincent L.

    Baltimore, MD To run the Las Vegas Marathon!!! Member of Team Peacock Running (twitter @Teampeacock)

  5. Angela B.

    Angela B.

    Overland Park, KS Begin running as a serious way to get in shape and expand the gap between my "real age" and my "body age" as much as possible!

  6. Emily H.

    Emily H.

    Clermont, FL Explore WDW in running shoes and share my experiences with other locals and vacationers.

  7. Alba M.

    Alba M.

    Tampa, FL Staying fit, increasing my running miles, putting a marathon and a few more half marathons under my belt.

  8. Alexa K.

    Alexa K.

    Ottawa, ON Completed my first HM in 2011. Returning to running after 10 months off and having a baby. Training for Emilie's Run 5K in June.

  9. Stephanie H.

    Stephanie H.

    Salem, MA To work on running the 5k to 10 K lengths without stopping to walk. From there I will work on time.

  10. Jim G.

    Jim G.

    Woodlawn, TN Recover from Knee surgery and run a 5K, next prepare for the start of the 33rd Tennessee state parks running tour that starts in October 2011

  11. Paige C.

    Paige C.

    Bangor (County Down), GB To not destroy my knees before I'm 30? No real goals, running keeps me balanced, I do it because I love it.

  12. Sally M.

    Sally M.

    Yale, MI Running to become a healthier, happier, more fit me!

  13. Andrew A.

    Andrew A.

    Sydney Nsw, AU Just keep on running. Canberra Marathon in 2012. NY Marathon 2015?

  14. Kim K.

    Kim K.

    Phoenix, AZ Just trying to stay consistant w/ regular running, weight training & good nutrition!

  15. Yen N.

    Yen N.

    Louisville, KY

  16. Toniotrailer


    Nantes, FR going further and further in trail-running (I am done with road marathons:7 achieved, 2h59best and last mark) 2011 : Mont-Blanc Marathon + 1 ultra-trail in Oct

  17. Sasha K.
  18. Aaron W.

    Aaron W.

    Albuquerque, NM Exercise and get better at barefoot running and cycling. Barefoot 10k and more eventually. Also, a 100-mile bike ride. Triathlon, perhaps, eventually.

  19. Dionne C.

    Dionne C.

    Tampa, FL My running goals are to increase my mileage and decrease my time. Preping myself for a 15K in Sept 2011.

  20. Ingrid


    Burnaby, BC To earn the title of 'running geek'.