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  1. J Geoffrey B.

    J Geoffrey B.

    Brooklyn, NY Continue to improve my running while working to motivate and coach others through 5k, 10k, half and full marathons.

  2. Tyco S.

    Tyco S.

    Turlock, CA to be able to run a sub 33:00 10,000m

  3. Jeff M.

    Jeff M.

    Milwaukee, WI my health. Increasing the distance I can run and just generally enjoying running! Also working on barefoot running.

  4. Ashok S.

    Ashok S.

    Chennai, IN 1000 Km of running, 300 k of cycling...

  5. Robley J.

    Robley J.

    Richmond, VA 1/2 marathons, used to do marathons, many more years of running (been running for 36 years)

  6. Chad W.

    Chad W.

    Minot, ND Many races! I love running and my favorite distance is the half-marathon. To inspire, and be inspired, to simply be a better me.

  7. Michael M.

    Michael M.

    Calgary, AB Trail Running, Point to Point runs in the Great Canadian Rockies with my running buddies!

  8. Walter P H.

    Walter P H.

    Lincoln CA To become a member of the Streak Running club by running at least 1 continuous mile every day for 365 days

  9. Shirl M.

    Shirl M.

    Miramar, FL 2018 Goal: Running a few half marathons this year, and maintaining good health by running smart.

  10. Garry M.

    Garry M.

    Washington, MO For 2013 return to running a consistent 20 mile week. The knees are doing well thanks to a new running style I have adopted.

  11. Mollie N.

    Mollie N.

    Charlotte, NC Keep running w/out (re-)messing up my back. Stay in shape for summer, high-altitude CO running. Do another half. Consider a marathon.

  12. Pam O.

    Pam O.

    Cleveland, OH Starting 2014 on the cautious side. My goal is to incorporate running into my life, not make running my life. I want to learn to eliminate walk breaks on runs.

  13. Katerina K.

    Katerina K.

    Salonika, GR races from 3K to half-marathons, mountain running & cycling

  14. Lauren L.

    Lauren L.

    Apex, NC General health and fitness, maybe ATT half or Rock and Roll Half in Raleigh. More trail running/hiking/walking and yoga too!

  15. Dominique


    Fort Worth, TX Running consistently, so I can run a half marathon on any given weekend.

  16. Henrik V.

    Henrik V.

    Gothenburg, SE Have fun! You can say that I have a Forrest Gump approach to running. Running for no particular reason :-)

  17. Meg P.

    Meg P.

    Montreal, QC Get my fitness and running legs back for trail running/hiking!

  18. Jayme M.

    Jayme M.

    Carlisle, PA To get fit and healthy and stay that way, while inspiring others to join in! Run @ least 1 half a year. Running my dream race - Nike Womens 1/2 Marathon in 2013

  19. Guillermo


    San Diego County Continue running, I'm glad I proved my doctor wrong by completing my first 50K Ultra. I still wont forget when she said "my running days are over", nope :)

  20. Rodney W.

    Rodney W.

    Parkersburg, WV Having fun running..doing a couple or more half marathons later this year but the main goal is to help my children learn to work hard but have fun running.