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  1. Jessica G.

    Jessica G.

    Janesville, WI Do cool $h!t

  2. Nancy T.

    Nancy T.

    Tampa, FL Stay injury free. Start running again. Complete some 5ks. Keep up with fitness workouts that do what PT told me to do to keep healthy.

  3. Amira R.

    Amira R.

    Alamo, TX Run, and Run, and Run..... Keep running !!

  4. Steve K.

    Steve K.

    Smyrna, TN Race PR's:5K 27:02/10K 57:29/half 1:58:35/Full 4:48:05/50K 6:07:20 Run More -Train Smart - Learn to enjoy running again

  5. Jun L.

    Jun L.

    Dallas, TX to become as fit as I've ever been! this starts with running everyday.

  6. Chris


    Erie, PA I'm a very new runner at age 53 with simple goals. Improve time, pace and mileage and do more minimalist running.

  7. Brad W.

    Brad W.

    Portland, OR keep on running!!!

  8. Peach V.

    Peach V.

    Walnut Creek, CA Spring and fall marathon, 50th lifetime half marathon, 1000 running miles, 5MM steps, 2015 total all-up miles

  9. Brittany F.

    Brittany F.

    Plano, TX Personal Goal: Vive como si fuera el último día. Running Goal: 50 States Club, ultramarathon, 2,015 miles in 2015!

  10. Bhabani Sankar M.

    Bhabani Sankar M.

    Pune, IN 500 km cycling and 250 km running by 30th Sept since Apr 1st.

  11. Joseph F.

    Joseph F.

    Uppsala, SE Was to complete a marathon and lose 10kg/24lbs in 16 weeks...completed both of those goals 9 days ago so now need to keep running and staying healthy!

  12. Joey E.

    Joey E.

    Dickson, TN To get into the best shape of my life. I would like to lose 10-15 lbs and shed the "love handles". I plan on running the Country Music 1/2 marathon in 2012.

  13. Lauren M.

    Lauren M.

    Peoria, IL Run a 5k non stop. Run a sub 11/min mile pace for a 5k & 10k. Complete a half marathon. Get both hubby and I into running and race/train together (:

  14. Paul M.

    Paul M.

    Cleveland, OH Losing weight and getting a sense of achievement are what it's all about for me! Been running a year or two, but newbie on here... :)

  15. Arvind B.

    Arvind B.

    Cary, NC 3:30 Full 1:30 Half Injury free running.

  16. Charlotte
  17. Tom E.

    Tom E.

    Portage, IN is to be fit again...

  18. Caleb K.

    Caleb K.

    San Diego, CA Though I would love to continue setting PR's, I really just want to be healthy enough to run for the rest of my life.

  19. Lisa G.

    Lisa G.

    Grain Valley, MO