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  1. Merah T.

    Merah T.

    Troy, MI Break 19 for a 5k!

  2. Bad N.

    Bad N.

    Athens, GR

  3. Paul K.

    Paul K.

    Reading, GB pb's: 15k=1h26m13s (28/10/12), 10k = 45.13 (6/7/14), 6k = 28.45(28/4/13) 5k = 24.20 (01/08/11), 3k = 13.52 (10/08/13) 2k = 08.30 (July 11)

  4. Mike K.

    Mike K.

    Pittsburgh, PA RRCA Coaching certified - 5 time BQ - PR times: Marathon - 3:20:52 Half marathon - 1:28:30 10K 39:39 10 mile 1:08:57 5 Mile 34:09 5K - 19:14 Mile 5:35

  5. Nathan B.

    Nathan B.

    Cambria, CA The Big One

  6. Bret G.

    Bret G.

    Tulsa, OK Break a 2:40 marathon and a 1:15 half marathon. Until then, you can find me running... anywhere.

  7. Nehal M.

    Nehal M.

    Ellicott City, MD I just started my stint in running as well as running 5ks. My goals are to keep running, run more races, and increase my speed and distance to start running 10k

  8. Donna R.

    Donna R.

    Richmond, KY Monday: Running Tuesday: Weights Wednesday: Running Thursday: Weights Friday: Running Saturday: Running Sunday: OFF

  9. Leo S.

    Leo S.

    Santa Barbara, CA To interview runners, coaches, and all athletes involved with running for my radio show "Running & Racing" on KCSB 91.9 FM.

  10. Israel A.

    Israel A.

    Northamptonshire, GB Run crazy races that are against the ordinary. Run lots of trail marathons and finish in top 10%. Have fun. Enjoy the journey. No injuries. Crazy running!

  11. Jinggoy B.

    Jinggoy B.

    Philippines, PH Yes! i got it! I already achieve my 42K @ 42. I'm longing for more full mary in the near future. Keeeeeepppp running and running and running and enjoy. . . .

  12. Sabine


    Bangalore, IN To rediscover my "running legs" and the joy of running and to lose the excess weight piled on during my hiatus from running

  13. Angela S.

    Angela S.

    Searcy, AR "The worst part of running in the cold isn't always running in the cold - it's trying to get warm again after running in the cold."

  14. Emma B.

    Emma B.

    Atlanta, GA just keep running, running, running!

  15. Matt G.

    Matt G.

    Long Island, New York, USA Combine cardo between running, cycling and swimming approximately 5 days a week. Dominated by running, I like to push my times and distances. Keep weight down.

  16. Rachael M.

    Rachael M.

    CA I moved recently and lost my "running beach". No running=a sucky life. I want my running practice back, but need some help motivating the first couple of weeks.

  17. Amanda


    CA Keep running. Run in the mountains. Resume running post-baby.

  18. Jesse


    Seattle, WA 2011 Seattle 1/2 Marathon in 1:35 2012 LA Marathon in 3:10 2012 Boise Idaho Iron Man 70.3 Boston Before I'm 30.

  19. Sean D.

    Sean D.

    Cheyenne, WY Just find some form of consistency in my running.

  20. Jenny A.

    Jenny A.

    Kidderminster, GB Just love running and like long distance half and full marathons! Running London & New York Marathon 2012, Bring it on!!!