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  1. Martin Y.

    Martin Y.

    I'm a rower and my cardio exercises consist of both running, on the water rowing and on the ergometer/rowing machine. Aiming to lose more weight.

  2. Sasha K.

    Sasha K.

    New York, NY Rowing, some running, maybe (and its a maybe) a triathalon. But mostly rowing!

  3. Audrea


    Orlando, FL Rowing regattas, more duathlons and half marathons. ;)

  4. Zach W.

    Zach W.

    Atlanta, GA 5K-15K, half-, & eventually marathons/tri's (if so inspired)....Improve my overall health and well-being, prepare for a return to rowing, bring sexy back.

  5. Laura H.

    Laura H.

    El Sobrante, CA soccer, rowing and trails.

  6. Miguel


    Austin, TX Rowing Marathon

  7. Bill G.

    Bill G.

    Washington, DC I screwed up my back Rowing boats at the national level, now i'm just trying to stay in shape and find a competitive outlet.

  8. Jon P.

    Jon P.

    Pittsford, NY Rowing Races

  9. Andre H.

    Andre H.

    Netherlands, NL Getting back in shape after knee problems and surgery. Hope to be fit for Ergohead (indoor rowing) january 2013!

  10. Chris A.

    Chris A.

    Arlington, VA Lose 50 pounds so that I can again spend the summer rowing my carbon fiber Hudson shell.

  11. Humayun J.

    Humayun J.

    Dubai, AE Do A marathon in 4 :30 and then do the Two Oceans under 7 Hours Need to get 500 metres in rowing in 1 minute and 45 seconds too Lose weight and drop to 75 Kgs

  12. Santana D.

    Santana D.

    Belo Horizonte, BR Amateur. Cycling, Swimming and Rowing. The goal is to get fit to a bike trip in the end of the year :)

  13. Ari A.

    Ari A.

    Clemson, SC I will make the A boat for my rowing team this season. Losing a couple pounds along the way surely wouldn't be bad, either.

  14. Richard W.

    Richard W.

    Bethesda, MD To get back into competitive shape for rowing following almost a year of no regattas.

  15. Anna B.

    Anna B.

    to run the London Marathon (running goal); to hold 1:52 or faster for 2k by the end of the summer (erging goal); to break 9:00 in 1x (rowing goal)

  16. Brittany


    Chicago, IL To improve my 6k and 2k times for rowing and kick butt on my first half marathon in November!

  17. Natasha A.

    Natasha A.

    Appledore, GB

  18. Kenneth
  19. Noel
  20. Russ