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  1. Ruth K.

    Ruth K.

    Santa Monica, CA training for solvang century ride in march. it will be my first bike ride. also want to run 500 miles like I did last year.

  2. Anita C.

    Anita C.

    New Richmond, WI 5ks, fitness, the love of running, life, solitude, fresh air, peace, sunlight, happiness.

  3. Reuben S.

    Reuben S.

    Nashville, TN Walk / hike 10 miles a week.

  4. Mark E.

    Mark E.

    Las Vegas, NV Skate like an ancient warrior, cycle faster than 20 mph avg, take my body to it's limits repeatedly, and keep healthy until death takes me.

  5. Lauren K.

    Lauren K.

    Tampa, FL I teach dance( jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical, zumba) Fit goals:run 4 life/try a triathlon/meet people who share my fitness passion!

  6. Monica R.

    Monica R.

    Seattle, WA be consistent with cardio, run, swim, , yoga, weight train, bike again, and do a Tri in Sept 2014--Oly dist if hip will work, Sprint if not,hike and snow shoe

  7. Jeremy B.

    Jeremy B.

    Agoura Hills, CA Overall health and fitness.

  8. Teresa W.

    Teresa W.

    Westwood, CA Fun!

  9. Nikos G.

    Nikos G.

    Milwaukee, WI

  10. Tafney B.

    Tafney B.

    Aberdeen, SD Brookings Half Marathon on May 12

  11. Rebecca C.

    Rebecca C.

    right now I'm just running to stay in shape. I like to throw in an occasional 5k for fun :)

  12. Nataliya


    San Francisco, CA To play hard, to be strong, to be healthy, to live energetically, and enjoy every field, track, wave, mountain, and sunrise.

  13. Susan


    Phoenix, AZ Participate in a marathon (jog/walk). I would like to be aerobically fit, more toned and lose 15 pounds by April, 2009

  14. Masuka M.

    Masuka M.

    Rochester, MN My goal is to one day run a half marathon and participate in a triathlon (personal) and team.

  15. Cheryl R.

    Cheryl R.

    Marietta, GA Stay motivated, keep running, and keep smiling.

  16. Andy C.

    Andy C.

    Denver, CO Triple Bypass

  17. Danielle R.

    Danielle R.

    Fort Wayne, IN fitness/weight loss

  18. Shannon G.

    Shannon G.

    Canton, GA Health, strength and to lose 20 pounds!

  19. Sophia Nerissa S.

    Sophia Nerissa S.

    Vancouver, WA To be a good role model for the kids that I coach. To be active, healthy, and trim. To improve time at Bloomsday again this year!

  20. Kelly M.

    Kelly M.

    Knoxville, TN be able to run again. Small goal for many, huge goal for a cardiac patient! ;^)