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  1. Gustavo
  2. Aubrey
  3. Mikaela R.
  4. Marcus
  5. Robbie
  6. Gustavo
  7. Eric
  8. Saul


    on any given Sunday, be capable of running a half marathon

  9. Mikaela H.

    Mikaela H.

    Cali, CO My goal is to become a better Water Polo player, a better swimmer, and to loose weight!

  10. Girish K.

    Girish K.

    Bangalore, IN

  11. Evangeline R.
  12. James K.

    James K.

    Dallas, TX Half Marathon

  13. Jonathan H.

    Jonathan H.

    London, GB Get fit. Keep fit

  14. Laura M.

    Laura M.

    Calgary, AB 1) Get fit and healthy (Lose 45 lb, 20 Kg) 2) Lose 100 lb (45 Kg) 3) Be able to run a marathon

  15. Andy C.

    Andy C.

    Henrico, VA to keep up the training!

  16. Azizi I.

    Azizi I.

    Johor Baharu, MY To compete in Olympic Distance Triathlon in 2012...and to compete in Ironman event when i'm ready.

  17. Catherine W.

    Catherine W.

    Queensland, Australia, AU Done a 5K & a 10K and with both I was very happy with my times. My next goal is running in the Gold Coast Half Marathon in July then Brisbane Running Festival

  18. Bruce C.

    Bruce C.

    Loughborough, GB Run regular, comfortable 5 and 10km runs & Lose weight!

  19. Kaz G.

    Kaz G.

    Worcestershire, GB I have got my mojo back! I ran some spring half marathons, a mud runner and I've just completed P90X. I'm now training for my first triathlon in May 2013.

  20. Shana M.

    Shana M.

    Ithaca, NY To stay fit and healthy!