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  1. Mike


    Windsor, ON To record my progress with rock climbing and conditioning at the gymnastics gym. Hope my workouts inspire others to "keep on keepin' on"

  2. Andrea S.

    Andrea S.

    Schenectady, NY To kick some Lupus butt, slim down, and get back to my athletic roller derby playing, rock climbing, warrior dashing self! :)

  3. Alexandria R.

    Alexandria R.

    My goals for 2012 are to try many new outdoor challenges such as hang-gliding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and outdoor rock climbing.

  4. Matt C.

    Matt C.

    Toronto, ON Climb 5.10 outdoors. Run a half marathon in sub 1hr45. Climb a multi-pitch rock route. Finish a Spartan Sprint race in the top 1%.

  5. Jane M.

    Jane M.

    Bakersfield, CA Staying trained up for mountain climbing and half marathons!

  6. Chin D.
  7. Melissa


    Orlando, FL sub-30, a full marathon, climbing a V4, and do tri's and mountain bike racing

  8. Haley D.

    Haley D.

    UT Run a marathon, Start trail running, Increase my climbing grade, and actually complete the hundred pushup challenge!

  9. Daniel W.

    Daniel W.

    Wallington, NJ improve my climbing, run marathons and above(50K in 2011)Thats done so lets do 50M in 2012) , never stop smiling :)

  10. Jacqui B.

    Jacqui B.

    Tempe, AZ PF Chang's Rock n Roll Half Marathon

  11. Neil S.

    Neil S.

    Brooklyn, NY I'm a rock climber. Running is a way for me to X-train, but I like to run too.

  12. Samantha S.

    Samantha S.

    Overland Park, KS 1/2 marathon on April 12, 2012 - Rock the Parkway

  13. Jake G.

    Jake G.

    Round Rock, TX Air Force PJ Pipeline by 2012

  14. Natasha


    Toronto, ON I hope to get fit in general, but my concrete goal is to become a rock climber.

  15. Maggie B.

    Maggie B.

    Little Rock, AR Do an Ironman next Spring (2012) and drop down to 140 lbs. Well...within reason. If I'm a ball of muscle and a few pounds over that, then that's fine too.

  16. Dan C.

    Dan C.

    Mesilla, NM Stay injury free. Some 50 milers this year. Thinking Grand Canyon R2R2R, Black Hills 100, Rock Creek Stump Jump, Lookout Mountain, Deadmans Peak

  17. Kevin F.

    Kevin F.

    San Diego, CA Completing yoga teacher training in early May, training for the San Diego Rock n Roll half marathon on June 3rd.

  18. Lydia C.

    Lydia C.

    Eugene, OR After 2 marathons I'm finally running a half marathon with a finish time goal between 2hrs and 2.5hrs

  19. Jeanette G.

    Jeanette G.

    San Marcos, CA Carlsbad Marathon Gran Fondo Ironman Coeur d'Alene!!!! Barbs Race SOMA/Pumpkinman

  20. Greg D.

    Greg D.

    Portland, OR 3:15 Marathon by end of 2011