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  1. Eddie A.

    Eddie A.

    East Providence, RI To qualify for Boston again in Disney and to work with others on their personal running goals.

  2. Jeff C.

    Jeff C.

    Washington, DC Sub 1:20 Richmond Half Marathon - November 12, 2011.

  3. Kristin


    St Louis, MO Lewis & Clark half marathon; Half Ironman; adventure races

  4. Kristin K.

    Kristin K.

    Madison, WI Still determining 2014 goals...a 50 mile gravel ride in April, definitely some running/biking races, but nothing too crazy this year.

  5. Crystal M.

    Crystal M.

    Mesa, AZ Im jogging/walking so i can be a runner...Also trying to tone up, and get fit to become a better tennis player.

  6. Jack E.

    Jack E.

    Las Vegas, NV Personal capability and fitness

  7. Scott P.

    Scott P.

    Cartersville, GA Get Out!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jessica S.

    Jessica S.

    Mission, KS a half and a full marathon - thinking about a triathlon or "century" bike ride.

  9. Susan A.

    Susan A.

    OK New to running...

  10. Joy M.

    Joy M.

    Manila, PH finish another full marathon at sub 5:30, run the treadmill at 12 km/hr speed non stop for 30 min.

  11. Bobbi Jo C.

    Bobbi Jo C.

    Clarksville, TN to run a half-marathon

  12. Brooke B.

    Brooke B.

    Cleveland, OH To be a runner!

  13. Katie H.

    Katie H.

    Madison, WI Run and love every second of it

  14. Nadine L.

    Nadine L.

    Apple Valley, MN I"am a walker and biker, my goal is to start with a 5K in a month, a 10 K by end of summer and to bike 500 miles by end of September. Triathalon before I am 50

  15. Jared


    Sierra Vista, AZ 1000 miles in 2016

  16. Reier D.

    Reier D.

    Springfield, IL I like all different type of things, this year I'm training for the Men's Health Urbanathalon as my first big goal in October.

  17. Ali


    Oklahoma City, OK My goal is to run a half marathon!!

  18. Deja C.

    Deja C.

    Cleveland, MS 2 miles in 30 mins!

  19. Tara C.

    Tara C.

    San Antonio, TX To start running again...I will make a come back.

  20. Gabi M.

    Gabi M.

    Los Angeles, CA to run like Roberto Duran boxes