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  1. Patrick L.

    Patrick L.

    Sioux Falls, SD Keep doing road races, road cycling, triathlons.

  2. Michele


    CT loose weight, tone up and be healthy! First season triathlete, novice runner trying to break into double-digit miles, increase road cycling average to 17+mph

  3. Sally H.

    Sally H.

    Wolverhampton, GB To remember to add my cycling to this site!!!

  4. Peter K.

    Peter K.

    Masterton, NZ Track cycling - 4km pursuit in 4:48m (50km/hr) within 4 years.

  5. Mike C.

    Mike C.

    Auckland, NZ Since having a heart attack at 36yrs, I am now working towards living a healthy life and 4yrs on enjoy mtb/ road bike/ run with friends. Ironman 2015 maybe

  6. Ryan V.

    Ryan V.

    Lancaster, PA Trail marathons and 50K's, Nightmare 200 (cycling ultra), Tussey 50M (trail race), Labor Pains (12 hr trail race)

  7. Marios S.

    Marios S.

    Cyprus, CY To find time and train the most I can in order to be able to participate at every open cycling races.

  8. Mary K.

    Mary K.

    La Crosse, WI Ride more. I've moved to Strava! Find me there under the name Byker Caat.

  9. Andrew F.

    Andrew F.

    Round Lake, IL Lose weight, gain muscle and become a faster cyclist. In 2011, ride in one or more timed cycling events like the Dairyland Dare and/or Race the Lake.

  10. David L.

    David L.

    Sacramento, CA Was a great year for cycling, backpacking, and hiking. Looking forward to even more this year.

  11. Connor L.

    Connor L.

    Centennial, CO 8114.10+ miles by the end of the year

  12. Jeff C.

    Jeff C.

    Washington, DC Sub 1:20 Richmond Half Marathon - November 12, 2011.

  13. Kristin


    St Louis, MO Lewis & Clark half marathon; Half Ironman; adventure races

  14. Wayne J.

    Wayne J.

    Calera, AL to become the most interesting man in the world.....Lol

  15. Rob E.

    Rob E.

    Alsager, GB Sub 50 min 10km, sub 2 hour Half Marathon.

  16. Ryan K.

    Ryan K.

    Delhi, India, IN To Win an International Cycle Race.

  17. Nichiless D.

    Nichiless D.

    Neunkirchen Seelscheid, DE Get fit for the Ronde van Vlaanderen, Paris-Roubaix and Liege-Bastoigne-Liege cyclosprotives 2012.

  18. Barkin B.

    Barkin B.

    Istanbul, TR

  19. Toby N.

    Toby N.

    Los Angeles, CA Centurys

  20. Hydrate