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  1. Asher T.

    Asher T.

    Louisville, KY Immediate: Gravel Grovel 2012, baby. Next Year: Road racing, here I come.

  2. Al L.

    Al L.

    Oregon City, OR Finish at least a Sprint Triathlon by the end of the Summer

  3. Danny J.

    Danny J.

    Bern, CH Zermatt Marathon 2 July, then Jungfrau Marathon 10 Sept., with maybe a Spring Marathon as a warm-up. I'd love to get under 4:00 per KM in something again too.

  4. Saby R.

    Saby R.

    Mumbai, IN Be Better and Faster in Short and Long Distance Races

  5. Scott B.

    Scott B.

    West Newbury, MA Top 100 finish in a Spartan race...

  6. Kevin M.

    Kevin M.

    Urbandale, IA Train consistently this winter on the bike and with strength training to prepare for Spring Classic gravel races and annual Arkansas training camp.

  7. Connor L.

    Connor L.

    Centennial, CO 8114.10+ miles by the end of the year

  8. Jeremy K.

    Jeremy K.

    Arlington, MA

  9. Sean T.

    Sean T.

    Poughkeepsie, NY

  10. Wilt A.

    Wilt A.

    Rochester, NY ...have fun (✔), 27th ( ) and 28th ( ) marathons; 50-Mile Ultramarathon ( ); & re-qualify for the Boston Marathon ( ). [✔]

  11. Michelle L.

    Michelle L.

    Brooklyn, NY awesome

  12. Denny Y.

    Denny Y.

    Milwaukee, WI

  13. John P.

    John P.

    Jenkins, KY 5K at a 50% WMA age grade. That's 29:02 for me.

  14. Rob M.

    Rob M.

    Cedar Rapids, IA Get faster and smarter

  15. Richard B.

    Richard B.

    Kent, GB Cat 3 achieved, now for my assault on Cat 2 :)

  16. Erik H.

    Erik H.

    Santa Barbara, CA Survive the impending collapse of modern society and maybe a triathlon or two.

  17. Laura


    OK several races ahead. Completed several 5ks, 10ks, and 2 half marathons. Training now to walk/run my first marathon.

  18. Ben K.

    Ben K.

    Providence, RI Philadelphia Marathon `10

  19. Trish T.

    Trish T.

    CO Ironman AZ10,Rock and Roll marathon AZ 11,Transrockies 2011