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  1. Douglas S.

    Douglas S.

    Ossining, NY Runner, cyclist, triathlete & athletic trainer who will be riding my bike coast to coast unsupported & self funded this summer to raise awareness & $ for TBI

  2. Amber F.

    Amber F.

    Fort Worth, TX 2012 goals: Half mara/Feb, Full mara/Apr, MS150 (both days this year), and hit that 100 mile mark on my bike. I also want to reach my goal weight this year.

  3. Glenda R.

    Glenda R.

    Sacramento, CA Recover from recent injuries so I can meet my goal of completing a trail 1/2 marathon and a 100K bike ride

  4. Jodi W.

    Jodi W.

    Warrenton, VA To complete my first ever half marathon in May and continue to improve my sprint tri time:)

  5. Matt L.

    Matt L.

    5k and bike races

  6. Gumby N.

    Gumby N.

    Lansing, KS enjoy riding while getting myself in better shape.

  7. Randy I.

    Randy I.

    NC Commute to work as many times as I can. 2013: top 500 of the National Bike Challenge

  8. Rebecca P.

    Rebecca P.

    To one day be in a 140 mile 3 day bike race

  9. Fatima N.

    Fatima N.

    Littleton, CO Get into shape & loose my fluff!

  10. Kate


    Spokane, WA Canyonlands Half, Race to Robie Creek (half) and Portland Marathon 2011

  11. Tefi F.

    Tefi F.

    College Station, TX To be fit and able to complete physical challenges. To take advantage of my muscles, bones and mind!

  12. Elias
  13. Amanda


    CA Keep running. Run in the mountains. Resume running post-baby.

  14. Matthew O.

    Matthew O.

    Carlisle, PA

  15. Neil T.

    Neil T.

    Aylesbury, GB Continue to amuse myself with my dailymile posts

  16. Vkrtinez


    Anchorage, AK Healthy lifestyle

  17. Jacob T.

    Jacob T.

    Sarasota, FL To slim down and be in shape.

  18. Alex M.

    Alex M.

    I want to run in my schools 5K in March, not walk it.

  19. Lois
  20. Ernie B.

    Ernie B.

    To win cycling events and stay in shape. Oh and makes some friends along the way!