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  1. Brenda H.

    Brenda H.

    Sheridan, OR To be healthy and fit and strong. Find balance in my life one running ...trotting ..loping step at a time

  2. Rajasekhar L.

    Rajasekhar L.

    Bangalore, IN Riding to office in 10 mins. i.e avg 60KMPH :)

  3. Douglas S.

    Douglas S.

    Ossining, NY Runner, cyclist, triathlete & athletic trainer who will be riding my bike coast to coast unsupported & self funded this summer to raise awareness & $ for TBI

  4. Vincent M.

    Vincent M.

    Castroville, CA about 45 miles a week

  5. Chris J.

    Chris J.

    TX keeping in shape, riding a century or two each year and having fun.

  6. Deborah S.

    Deborah S.

    Merrimack, NH General fitness, weight loss, some running race goals (still deciding on those) and to be ready for the 2011 Eventing (horseback riding) competition season.

  7. Merrick


    Rochester, NY To lose weight and become more fit for martial arts & horseback riding, my two main sports.

  8. Jason


    Tullahoma, TN Upcoming goals include riding 6,000 miles in 2011, with 6 century rides, completing at least one triathlon, and a handful of 5K races. May try cyclocross also.

  9. Patrick


    Green Bay, WI Have more fun running and riding. Complete 30 week training plan for full, Run a half in 2017. Signed up for spartan.

  10. Gumby N.

    Gumby N.

    Lansing, KS enjoy riding while getting myself in better shape.

  11. Nayan P.

    Nayan P.

    Bangalore, IN To keep riding.. Just for the fun of it!

  12. Chris C.

    Chris C.

    Big Lake, MN Train hard to get in shape for riding my motocross bike! And for potential half, full marathons or triathlons.

  13. Yes


    To continue my successful weight loss journey!

  14. Jim R.

    Jim R.

    Myrtle Beach, SC 3 miles a day. and will start riding the bike again. 2013 will be my new start in life! after a very bad 2012! thanks to my friend..M

  15. Kyle R.

    Kyle R.

    Warrensburg, MO Hydration, Inebriation, Excercisation. And I'm going to ride and map the Burg bike route. Eventually.

  16. Dan L.

    Dan L.

    Redondo Beach, CA surprise myself

  17. Pete B.

    Pete B.

    Penn, GB Catch Andrea,

  18. Frank


    El Paso, TX Lose some weight and gain stamina

  19. Jamie K.

    Jamie K.

    Pickerington, OH Hilly Hundred, Pelotonia 2011 Would love to start training for Tri's too:) Stay in shape and keep pushing to the next level!

  20. Whitney


    MS Ride and running at personal best