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  1. David
  2. Caleb
  3. Collin
  4. Marc
  5. Teri
  6. Rob


  7. Russell
  8. Cole
  9. Art


  10. Reos
  11. Maad
  12. Jucon
  13. Warren
  14. Dan


    Colorado Springs, CO Run really, really far.

  15. Ray D.

    Ray D.

    Melbourne Vic, AU To run the Alice Springs half marathon in around two hours.

  16. Gail D.

    Gail D.

    Philippines, PH full marathon

  17. Ernesto B.

    Ernesto B.

    Manchester, NH Sub 3 at the hilly, challenging Manchester Marathon, Nov. 2014? I've got the advantage of being able to run on the course every day. We'll see.

  18. Pat J.

    Pat J.

    Suwon Si, KR Run a marathon!

  19. Thompson P.

    Thompson P.

    New York, NY Lose body fat and inches on my waist. Gain muscle mass, balance, endurance, flexibility, strength, and badassery.

  20. Jeremy


    Scotia, NY general training - 5 K's or maybe 10 K's