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  1. Adam
  2. Alex
  3. Robley J.

    Robley J.

    Richmond, VA 1/2 marathons, used to do marathons, many more years of running (been running for 36 years)

  4. Melissa M.

    Melissa M.

    Cheshire, CT 2015 Goals: #1 is to excel at Marathon training like I excel at Tapering and Recovery :-) #2 is to not be a stranger to DM again... I missed y'all in 2014!

  5. Luke J.

    Luke J.

    Lynchburg, VA To compete in the Angel's Race Triathlon in Lynchburg next spring! Long term, I wanna work to a 10k, half marathon, and eventually wanna complete a marathon!

  6. Lisa S.

    Lisa S.

    NJ Run more. Run happy. Love lots. Not sure what's next...

  7. Monk


    Tuscaloosa, AL My goal is to NOT STOP RUNNING!

  8. Jimmy A.

    Jimmy A.

    Millersville, MD Trying to find my true meaning in life. First step love myself .

  9. Michelle D.

    Michelle D.

    Greensboro, NC To get in better shape than I've ever been =o>

  10. David W.

    David W.

    Leesburg, VA 5k 21:59 (PR 22:23) 4-miler 29:59 (PR 30:26) 8k 36:59 (PR 37:22) 10k 44:59 (PR 45:39) Half-Marathon 1:38:59 (PR 1:39:11) Full Marathon Goal 3:35 (PR 3:42:29)

  11. Christopher
  12. Glenn
  13. Storm
  14. Chris M.

    Chris M.

    Houston, TX Run a 4:30 marathon, start running trails

  15. Luchito C.

    Luchito C.

    Centreville, VA Just to get in shape and continue playing soccer, but mainly staying healthy so I can see my boys grow up, Lord willing of course.

  16. Allan
  17. Seanmcvay M.