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  1. Henry C.

    Henry C.

    Washington, DC

  2. James
  3. Paula


    ID CdA Spring Dash, Avia Wildflower 70.3, CdA Marathon, Fueled by Fine Wine 1/2, Race the River Sprint Tr, Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3, IM Cancun 70.3, Vegas RnR

  4. Sebastian
  5. Lewis
  6. Michael J L.

    Michael J L.

    Be the athlete of my aspirations. Complete a triathlon and a marathon in 2011. Among a number of other process and outcome goals.

  7. Amanda F.

    Amanda F.

    Yuma, AZ

  8. Bertrand
  9. Kate Y.

    Kate Y.

    Dublin, CA To be the most awesomest person other people want to be

  10. Okey
  11. Kristen F.

    Kristen F.

    Philadelphia, PA For 2011: Tear shit up, BAMF style.

  12. Nikki Y.

    Nikki Y.

    Fareham, GB To do sub 2hr half; 4hr 30 marathon; 90mins Great South, 53min 10k. To carry on enjoying running and all that it brings. To do 1000 miles again in a year.

  13. Bill J.

    Bill J.

    Perth, AU City to Surf 12km under 60 mins

  14. Christopher M.

    Christopher M.

    Cary, NC Half century bike race LIVESTRONG challenge Philly August 23 Strengthing my mind body and spirit through all forms of exercise and the mediation it brings me.

  15. Laura C.

    Laura C.

    Chattanooga, TN Under 30 minutes in the Riverbend Walk/Run 5k.

  16. Leshaya P.

    Leshaya P.

    OR Have 2 more kids and still keep running a major part of my life.

  17. Nick P.

    Nick P.

    New York, NY Get back on the trails. Build up to regular runs, without injuries, in 2014. Perhaps a 5k if I feel solid.

  18. Lauren G.

    Lauren G.

    Tulsa, OK to beat Jared Auld at EVERYTHING!

  19. Joe


    Ireland, IE 10K run -> 10K under 45mins -> Another Half Marathon -> Another Marathon 100K cycle

  20. Raven R.

    Raven R.

    Lawrence, KS My goal is to push my body and mind beyond what I think I'm capable of - I've committed to run a trail marathon in April AND's the NEW goal.