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  1. Meg R.

    Meg R.

    St. Petersburg, FL 2014 Goal: Run a sub 4-hour marathon, complete a trail race, finish 5 half marathons and set a new PR (current: 1:41:30), and run the Gate River Run.

  2. Rex


  3. Niki J.

    Niki J.

    United Kingdom To be fit and healthy. Walk an hour a day plus Pilates daily.

  4. Christopher


    Salinas, CA Get some aerobic exercise and tone up a bit. I'm just starting out so the most important thing for me is to not injure myself and have fun.

  5. Lara S.

    Lara S.

    Bella Vista, AR 2010 Tour de Cure Half Marathon Lake Bella Vista Halloween 5k

  6. Raghu K.

    Raghu K.

    Bangalore, IN My House to Nandi Hills (53 KM) and back.

  7. Jenna F.

    Jenna F.

    Clemson, SC To up my mileage and have fun while doing it :)

  8. Jessa Mae O.

    Jessa Mae O.

    Bani, PH To become fit...

  9. Cariza Joy A.

    Cariza Joy A.

    Pangasinan, PH

  10. Kazu


    Tokyo, JP full marathon : sub-three, half marathon : 1:25'  //  PB :: full : 3:12'29 (Tokyo marathon 2013 Feb), half : 1:27' (Frostbite half 2010 Jan)

  11. Lisa D.

    Lisa D.

    US To get healthier in 2010. I would like to loose 20 pounds over the next year

  12. Ar Robee D.

    Ar Robee D.

    Philippines, PH to run half-marathons, marathons and ultramarathons

  13. Magesh S.

    Magesh S.

    Chennai, IN Goals for 2012: a) 10 kgs weight reduction b) 6k kms on the bike c) 300 kms running

  14. Samy P.

    Samy P.

    Rockville, MD To qualify for Boston Marathon and to complete all 50 states, D.C.

  15. Jim W.

    Jim W.

    Decatur, GA Get back in good shape and complete the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half Marathon in under 2 hours.

  16. Lolek M.

    Lolek M.

    Cebu, PH Ride bike to improve my health condition.

  17. L K.

    L K.

    Hungary, HU My main goal is weight loss but I'd also like to compete in a running race in the future.

  18. Maria Everlinda A.

    Maria Everlinda A.

    Dasmariñas, PH To be a future Triathlete.

  19. Chelsia


    Oregon City, OR I want my bikini body back and to run my first marathon

  20. Julia R.

    Julia R.

    Seoul, KR is to run a run a half marathon by the fall.