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  1. Meg R.

    Meg R.

    St. Petersburg, FL 2014 Goal: Run a sub 4-hour marathon, complete a trail race, finish 5 half marathons and set a new PR (current: 1:41:30), and run the Gate River Run.

  2. Kimberley


    Winnipeg, MB To lose 20 pounds and become a healthier, happier wife, Mom and Nanna! (yep, became a grandma a month ago - at 44!)

  3. Tomas
  4. Erik U.

    Erik U.

    West Des Moines, IA 600 miles in 2013

  5. Jessica S.

    Jessica S.

    Hopkinsville, KY To get healthy & fit, create a balanced lifestyle, and find my inner athlete!

  6. Sherri F.

    Sherri F.

    Greenwich, CT To be able to run forever.

  7. Davis C.
  8. Amanda


    Columbia, MD To run a marathon and to live a consistently healthy and happy life.

  9. Danielle M B.

    Danielle M B.

    Virginia Beach, VA 2013: Run a half marathon 1000+ miles logged for the year!

  10. Maranda C.
  11. Rex


  12. Hugh
  13. Jonathan
  14. Deb


    Arlington, VA Someday: a month long bike tour in Australia.

  15. Jennifer S.

    Jennifer S.

    US 2:00 half marathon by January 2012.

  16. Blake
  17. Margaret
  18. Mark
  19. Travis
  20. Matthew