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  1. Nick R.

    Nick R.

    Egg Harbor City, NJ To train and compete in this years Road Cycling Race season. I just upgraded to Cat 3 and want to see what I can do. I also just want to keep moving!

  2. Derrick P.

    Derrick P.

    Campbell, CA A sub-40 minute 10k would be nice.

  3. Bo


  4. Darlene D.

    Darlene D.

    Reading, PA Dynamic Resume Solutions by Darlene Dassy | 14 Crestview Drive Reading, PA 19608 | (610) 678-0147 |

  5. Lucy C.

    Lucy C.

    Reading, GB eat less cake and don't fall over

  6. Michelle M.

    Michelle M.

    Lowell, AR my first all-running, no-walking 5k race.

  7. Jennifer W.

    Jennifer W.

    Kill Devil Hills, NC Nags Head Woods 5K, some Half marathong - not sure which yet

  8. Leslie G.

    Leslie G.

    Morris, IL Ran my only 1/2 marathon in august of 2009. Made running another at beginner pace in April my goal. Saw DM tonight - reading about everyone will inspire me.

  9. Steve J.

    Steve J.

    Reading, GB To become fitter, lose weight and gain self respect.

  10. Craig R.

    Craig R.

    Reading, PA To lose my "baby weight" and be a good role model for my new daughter. Run a half a full and do an ironman.

  11. Diane W.

    Diane W.

    North Reading, MA To get fit(ter) and lean(er) before my next surgery, 3/9/12.

  12. Sammie
  13. Alex


    Berlin, DE Reading Half Marathon in March 2013

  14. Peter
  15. Freddie
  16. Malcolm
  17. Dustin
  18. Sithikohmar


    I like I find it very interesting. I love reading and surfing the net.

  19. Jaime R.

    Jaime R.

    Chicago, IL To eat as much food as I want.

  20. Deb


    Arlington, VA Someday: a month long bike tour in Australia.