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  1. Monica P.

    Monica P.

    Las Vegas, NV

  2. Jackie


    Brookfield, WI

  3. Kimberly M.

    Kimberly M.

    Acton, MA 7.3 mile race - October 03, 2010

  4. Annie Y.

    Annie Y.

    Dayton, OH Running a 5k is my goal

  5. Teniah Ashlyn H.

    Teniah Ashlyn H.

    Greymouth, NZ This year my mantra is: I Am Here.. What that means to me is that I want to really focus this year on being present in the moment and finding acceptance there.

  6. Becca F.

    Becca F.

    Rochester, NY Swim, Run, and bike faster. Keep pushing myself.

  7. Lynda L B.

    Lynda L B.

    Portland, OR 1/2 Marathon and a full Marathon and The Portland To Coast Relay.

  8. Tammy S.

    Tammy S.

    Houston, TX Run a mile in 11 mins

  9. Jami


    TX Cut arms 2012 Olympic Tri 2013

  10. Lori M.

    Lori M.

    Charlotte, NC Run 1000 miles in 2013

  11. Ramona C.

    Ramona C.

    Columbia, SC Lose 41 pounds

  12. Gayle R.

    Gayle R.

    MA at least 2 miles daily. Long term - walk across America, 3,517 miles or 7 million steps

  13. Deb M.

    Deb M.

    fitness for living well

  14. Kelly L.

    Kelly L.

    MN Training for my second 1/2 marathon. Maintaining health in the second half of my life.

  15. Christine


    Phoenix, AZ my goals are fairly simple. I am diabetic and I want to lose my extra weight and get off all my medication. I am currently a walker, dreaming of running

  16. Penny


    Palo Alto, CA To get fit.

  17. Christine M.

    Christine M.

    Round Rock, TX Austin Half Marathon

  18. Lorrishamae S.

    Lorrishamae S.

    North Las Vegas, NV I was never a runner until about 5 years ago. I haven't stayed on track but I do eventually want to say that I ran a early bucket list item.

  19. Kathryn M.

    Kathryn M.

    to weigh less at 63 than I do at 62 and be able to hike seriously again

  20. Megan N.

    Megan N.

    US Training for the Falmouth Road Race in August, 2011.