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  1. Dino M.

    Dino M. Pomeranian puppies for adoption with fluffy coat and bearface ready for adoption. They will stay tiny.

  2. Elliot
  3. Dani E.

    Dani E.

    Seattle, WA Get pre-baby body back!

  4. Derek
  5. Simon
  6. Gerard
  7. Daniel
  8. Sam


  9. Rene
  10. Alice
  11. Bart
  12. John
  13. Jessica R.

    Jessica R.

    Orlando, FL I am training for good health and gorgeous legs. And let's be honest... so that I can eat ice cream sometimes and feel okay about it.

  14. Emmeline


    Clemson, SC Marathon December 20th!

  15. Elissa F.

    Elissa F.

    Washington, DC WDW Marathon in January 2014!!

  16. Bob O.

    Bob O.

    Belleview, FL 175lbs, Santa Fe Century: 10.23.2010 Olympic Distance Tri-12.05.2010 at Key West

  17. Laura M.

    Laura M.

    New York, NY Move or die.

  18. Chelsea


    Seattle, WA To run again. :) (Advice: don't run a half on a severe high ankle sprain. kthx.)

  19. Krystie B.

    Krystie B.

    Portland, OR 5k

  20. Jen H.

    Jen H.

    Seattle, WA