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  1. Sarb J.

    Sarb J.

    Wellington, NZ Recovering after sustaining an unexpected concussion during the Tarawera Ultra. Wellington half-marathon next in June 2013

  2. Bo A.

    Bo A.

    Duvall, WA Keeping in shape through running and riding my bike.

  3. Dehlia B.

    Dehlia B.

    Bridgeport, CT losing 100 pounds.

  4. Kate S.

    Kate S.

    Loveland, CO Get back into fighting shape. Improve running speed.

  5. Pam R.

    Pam R.

    Montgomery, AL Keep healthy and fit as I age. Most likely do Peachtree in July, Pensacola in September, Serenbe in November - all runs. Need to get a good bike.

  6. Emily


    Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh MARATHON!

  7. Amelia H.

    Amelia H.

    Carl Junction, MO 5k and maybe more. Gotta do something since it's pastry world next year at FTC. Then culinary world the next. And then to Paris.

  8. Peggy K.

    Peggy K.

    Melbourne, AU None - just staying healthy and active

  9. Stephanie T.

    Stephanie T.

    St Louis, MO run 1.5 miles in 14 minutes, jog for 45 minutes at 5mph

  10. Lisa B.

    Lisa B.

    Detroit, MI In better shape than I've ever been!

  11. Amanda K.

    Amanda K.

    Perth, AU an inline marathon and a healthier life in general

  12. Jennifer A.

    Jennifer A.

    Emeryville, CA to finish my first half marathon in the SF Marathon July 25, 2010!!!

  13. Jill B.

    Jill B.

    Sacramento, CA No more injuries Sub 1:50 half marathon Sub 4:00 Marathon Triathaolon

  14. Ron G.

    Ron G.

    Israel, IL A marathon

  15. Maggie


    PA rebuilding muscles after three years of barely moving. Currently have aquatics therapy 3x a week.

  16. Caitlin


    NH Toning, Flexibility, Strength, Faster time

  17. Nick L.

    Nick L.

    Morgantown, WV A Boston-qualifying time at the 2012 Pittsburgh Marathon. And at some point, I'd like to run a marathon playing and singing "Born To Run" the entire way.

  18. Melissa M.

    Melissa M.

    Carrollton, GA get back into running, train for another 10k and then move up from there

  19. Diana R.

    Diana R.

    Oakland, CA get in the best shape I can, for the love of my body! :0)

  20. Jason S.

    Jason S.

    Las Cruces, NM Stay youthful and strong until I die.