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  1. Devin
  2. Jeroen
  3. Weldon
  4. Jeremy E.

    Jeremy E.

    Birmingham, AL complete a Half Marathon, do better on the Statue to Statue 15K in 2011, run with the wind-not against

  5. Laura


    Tucson, AZ Being able to do a handstand, headstand & cartwheel. A half marathon. General health and some badassery.

  6. Kimberly W.

    Kimberly W.

    Atlanta, GA

  7. Molly R.

    Molly R.

    Atlanta, GA

  8. Clare
  9. Kenzie
  10. Riza C.

    Riza C.

    Chino, CA Yogi in training & aspiring NPC competitor. Goal is to drop bf% and get "toned".

  11. Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    TX Look as good as I did when I first joined this website :)

  12. Garrett
  13. Antoine