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  1. Irami O.

    Irami O.

    Chicago, IL 3 hour marathon in Fall of 2013

  2. Maggie T.

    Maggie T.

    Sacramento, CA To run 4 half-marathons in the next year and finally, run the LA marathon in 2013.

  3. Pearl
  4. Tamara
  5. Henry C.

    Henry C.

    Washington, DC

  6. Mark G.

    Mark G.

    Philadelphia, PA

  7. Nicholas L.

    Nicholas L.

    AR 2013 Goals: Run consistently each week of 2013 at least 15-20 miles a week. Work up to being able to do 3 sets of 10 pull ups.

  8. Jeremy M.

    Jeremy M.

    Austin, TX turn back the clock a few years.

  9. Javier F.

    Javier F.

    Fresno, CA

  10. Ej P.

    Ej P.

    Cuyahoga Falls, OH Ripped.

  11. Becky C.

    Becky C.

    Pleasant Gap, PA // First trail run by end of 2015 // Hike 250 miles in 2016

  12. Alli G.

    Alli G.

    Denver, CO

  13. Melissa C.

    Melissa C.

    Spring, TX to look better and be healthier than I did when I was 18.

  14. Lorcan L.

    Lorcan L.

    Paris, FR fitness

  15. Melora B.

    Melora B.

    Denver, CO Half marathon training (perpetual), decrease bodyfat, & improve overall time in my annual sprint tri

  16. Beverly B.

    Beverly B.

    Los Angeles, CA Goal race - ING NYC Marathon 2012. Other races on tap -- RNR San Diego, RNR Las Vegas, Nike Women's Marathon, Malibu Marathon. Goal is to stay healthy!

  17. Anthony L.

    Anthony L.

    Los Angeles, CA

  18. Tenny A.

    Tenny A.

    Madison, WI Endurance rides - HHH, Dairyland Dare; Running - Madison Marathon (1/2)

  19. Michael L.

    Michael L.

    Wellington, FL To have fun, keep myself sane, always improve, and never run the Boston Marathon again.

  20. Blakers23


    Denver, CO Ran 7 marathons, but will my 8th be the last one?