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  1. Malik
  2. Joel T.

    Joel T.

    Raymore, MO To make my fat ass smaller!

  3. Losttrailrunner R.

    Losttrailrunner R.

    Lilburn, GA Run/Walk/Bike 1000+ miles in 2018

  4. Travis L.

    Travis L.

    Troy, IL run longer, faster. Tahoe Rim Trail 100 - completed

  5. Kelownagurl T.

    Kelownagurl T.

    Kelowna, BC Exercise every day.

  6. Zen R.

    Zen R.

    Ramona, CA Running places, not races.

  7. Paul A.

    Paul A.

    Atlanta, GA life and the pursuit of happiness

  8. Andy A.

    Andy A.

    Cranston, RI Weight loss and general health

  9. Debbie V.

    Debbie V.

    Tampa, FL Maintain the health necessary to live an incredibly active life for the rest of my life.

  10. Carlos C.

    Carlos C.

    Victoria, BC To keep running into my nineties.

  11. Keiko M.

    Keiko M.

    Hervey Bay Qld, AU weight below 50 kg and run 7.5 km in under 45 minutes

  12. Stevie R.

    Stevie R.

    State College, PA

  13. Annie
  14. Daniel M C.

    Daniel M C.

    Houston, Texas 200 pounds. That's it.

  15. Randy
  16. Clair
  17. Tracy