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  1. Mabel
  2. Jarboy R.

    Jarboy R.

    Cebu, PH a full marathon before the age of 55...

  3. Jason L.

    Jason L.

    Schertz, TX I would like to complete a 5k in the near future and eventually I would like to run and complete at least a half marathon.

  4. Hannah G.

    Hannah G.

    Conroe, TX Stay healthy during off season. Still love the sport.

  5. Timethia B.

    Timethia B.

    Madison Heights, MI to be a competitor in half marathons, and to stay in great shape!!!

  6. Bruce D.

    Bruce D.

    Milwaukee, WI Running-wise, I want to be able to run 13 miles at a time without limbs falling off. I also want to run 1,000 miles this year. Have never done that before.

  7. Spiros S.

    Spiros S.

    Athens, GR run to find myself

  8. Ben C.

    Ben C.

    Rhinelander, WI Weight loss get down to 250 lbs, started the year at 344lbs. Min of 3 miles walked a day, that is MIN not my goal!

  9. Abhishek A.

    Abhishek A.

    Gurgaon, IN Enjoy cycling and fellow cyclists company :)

  10. Carrie E.

    Carrie E.

    Brentwood, CA to get back in shape and to beat my last half marathon time!!

  11. Michael B.

    Michael B.

    Salem, OR I've tried this before but it didn't take. Now I'm a part of Crossfit Salem and in it for the long haul. Down 32 lbs. since March. Only 65 more to go!

  12. David P.

    David P.

    Lancaster, PA Tough Mudder in October!

  13. Yutaka V.

    Yutaka V.

    Tokyo, JP To Improve Each Day Of Training.

  14. Madeline S.
  15. Jody W.

    Jody W.

    My goal is to be "High School Skinny!" Actually if my body responds correctly, I will begin to compete in some various events i.e. Tough Mudder etc......

  16. Dorian U B.
  17. Stuart
  18. Xavier
  19. Austen B C.
  20. Toby