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  1. Gail G.

    Gail G.

    Columbus, OH 1/2 marathon

  2. Kirsten H.

    Kirsten H.

    Toronto, ON For the 2013 season: Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant!

  3. Courtney D.

    Courtney D.

    Naugatuck, CT I'm working on running a 5k in 2011, but overall I want to be healthier and lose some weight in the process

  4. Gemma V.

    Gemma V.

    Buhi, PH Run for Marathon someday with my husband!

  5. Danielle C.

    Danielle C.

    Cameron, MO Get healthy again

  6. Alex D.

    Alex D.

    Denver, CO

  7. Karyn Schafer C.

    Karyn Schafer C.

    London, GB I hope one day to do a marathon, but no real goals. I just enjoy the fresh air and excerise!

  8. Lisa H.

    Lisa H.

    CA Maintain a fitness level that will keep me competitive in sprint and olympic distance triathlons and a solid Crossfitter.

  9. Brittany


    Chicago, IL To improve my 6k and 2k times for rowing and kick butt on my first half marathon in November!

  10. Angeles S.

    Angeles S.

    My goals are simple. Enjoy the runs and all that comes with it.

  11. Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.

    Lake Elmo, MN To reach a healthy BMI and feel as incredible as I deserve to.

  12. Caitlin D.

    Caitlin D.

    Lanoka Harbor, NJ to lose a couple more pounds or stay at this weight. Training to get in better shape for the PA Tough Mudder, April 10, 2011.

  13. Tina S.

    Tina S.

    Portland, OR Goals for 2012: Run a 25min 5K; Do an adventure race; Complete my first sprint tri; Run the Eugene half marathon; Heal my chronic runner's knee

  14. Patrick S.

    Patrick S.

    Disengage the belly from its current location.

  15. Ari


    To get back in pre-baby shape. :)

  16. Ashley G.

    Ashley G.

    Chadron, NE I would like to become a healthier person who is happy with my appearance. I would like to get down to my pre-baby weight.

  17. Laura N.

    Laura N.

    Lubbock, TX To become an athlete. Start running 3 miles a day!