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  1. Rex P.

    Rex P.

    Oakland, CA Soccer/Parkour/Treeclimbing?

  2. Daniel G.

    Daniel G.

    Astoria, NY parkour and distance running.

  3. Aj


    Richmond, VA Current goals: Run a half-marathon, 10 pull-ups Future goals: Marathon, Triathlon(?), Parkour, body acceptance

  4. Rob H.

    Rob H.

    Woodbridge, VA 1. increased stamina and endurance for Parkour

  5. Tine
  6. Toby G.

    Toby G.

    San Diego, CA To Encourage and Enable Participation

  7. Roger L.

    Roger L.

    Mollet Del Vall├Ęs, ES

  8. Anya M.

    Anya M.

    Centreville, VA Short Term: Sprint Tri Long term: To learn to like running...

  9. Samuel H.

    Samuel H.

    Francistown, BW Train for and run a half marathon!

  10. Matt P.

    Matt P.

    Philadelphia, PA To be able to do a beach volleyball tournament again

  11. Corey G.

    Corey G.

    Honolulu, HI 100% on my Fitness Assessment before the Iron Warrior Dash Midwest in September.

  12. Leah P.

    Leah P.

    Charlotte, NC My goal is to go further, to be stronger, to be happier and healthier in all aspects of my life.

  13. Ross


    Avon, IN My goal is endurance. I want to be fit for many reasons. I am aiming to be a better freerunner and to survive a zombie apocalypse =).

  14. Haffiz A.

    Haffiz A.

    Singapore, SG Health, Strength, Stamina , Life and I want to qualify for Boston in the future.

  15. Timothy A.

    Timothy A.

    Washington, DC To run. To get muddy and scratched. To be here now. And now. And now... (and to outrun the ZOMBIES!)

  16. Charlie P.

    Charlie P.

    Lapeer, MI Slowly work my way to completing an Ironman!

  17. Billy N.

    Billy N.

    GU Join 'Ninja Warrior' and represent the Island of Guam.

  18. Juulia M.

    Juulia M.

    Atlanta, GA

  19. Luke B.
  20. Todd D.

    Todd D.

    Portland, OR