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  1. Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.

    Southington, CT 10

  2. Gena H.

    Gena H.

    Palm Harbor, FL

  3. Cheryl R.

    Cheryl R.

    Marietta, GA Stay motivated, keep running, and keep smiling.

  4. Greg R.

    Greg R.

    Carlsbad, CA century rides, maybe a marathon or a tri

  5. Katie


    The year of the VHTRC fat ass events. Next up...TWOT 100 in February.

  6. Cat M.

    Cat M.

    FL Be a badass!!!!! Complete a 70.3 in under 6 hours, complete FL Ironman 2013, complete ING Miami 2013, be a cheerleader for more races!

  7. Emily W M.

    Emily W M.

    Grand Blanc, MI Chicago Urbanathon

  8. Sha


    Orlando, FL Compete in a Triathlon.

  9. Dan M.

    Dan M.

    Silver Spring, MD Get built like Wolverine, live 'til 100

  10. Ned J.

    Ned J.

    Casselberry, FL get in shape ! do some PaddleBoard races !

  11. Brittany F.

    Brittany F.

    Wrightsville Beach, NC To get back in to great shape through a daily routine that I will stick to....And to get my summer body back

  12. Steven S.

    Steven S.

    St Augustine, FL Bring BAREFOOT Back

  13. Christina P.

    Christina P.

    Sterling, CT Get into shape! Tracking 6 weeks training until my first 5k (September 2nd) and beyond!

  14. Patricia P.

    Patricia P.

    Ventura, CA Finish the 21 miler with my friend in under 6 hours.

  15. Melinda T.

    Melinda T.

    Lexington, SC

  16. Dana S.

    Dana S.

    St. Louis, MO 1. Graduate BSOS - May 2013 2. Graduate MOT -May 2014 2. Finish my first marathon 3. Qualify for Boston

  17. Carilyn B.

    Carilyn B.

    Ada Township, MI To maintain my status as "Goddess of words and all that is good" while having fun on the run.

  18. Kevin F.

    Kevin F.

    San Diego, CA Completing yoga teacher training in early May, training for the San Diego Rock n Roll half marathon on June 3rd.

  19. Anna C.

    Anna C.

    Sacramento, CA Improve my race times, lose some weight, live a healthy and active lifestyle and be a good roll model for my kids.

  20. Christina W.

    Christina W.

    Sheboygan, WI Chicago Half Marathon with Team In Training in September, 2014!!!