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  1. John


    Pineville, LA Just to stay in shape and I love to be outside jogging, walking,riding a bike or trail hiking.

  2. Pj S.

    Pj S.

    Reston, VA Try to run outside 3-4 times a week.

  3. Debbie R.

    Debbie R.

    Sterling Heights, MI to run 10 miles a week and to train for my 1st 5K in June, 2011 I'd love to run 5 miles outside

  4. Outside B.

    Outside B.

    Falls Church, VA

  5. Merle
  6. Click Here R.

    Click Here R.

    Bass Plantation Shutters are much more then just window coverings. They can enhance the beauty and elegance of homes from both inside and outside.

  7. Jessica


    Salt Lake City, UT To be fit and have fun!!!

  8. James


    Bell Buckle, TN To get healthy and run in the 5k on May 11th with Awana in Chicago.

  9. Mark S.

    Mark S.

    Charlotte, NC 15% or less body fat by June 1, 2012

  10. Lucien11
  11. Curt
  12. Pernell
  13. Hardy
  14. Brown
  15. William
  16. Bobby
  17. Fletcher
  18. Stan
  19. Ryan S.

    Ryan S.

    Houston, TX With 2 small kiddos, getting exercise is tough. Finally invested in the bike and working towards commuting by bike daily.

  20. Lillian