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  1. Susan Bradanini B.

    Susan Bradanini B.

    Skokie, IL I bike and walk for the love of being outdoors and do weights because it's fun to be strong!

  2. Jeremy H.

    Jeremy H.

    UT Looking for the next epic thing in my life. Awesome wife & 3 amazing kids who all love the outdoors. Co-Founder of Altra Zero Drop Footwear.

  3. Seth R.

    Seth R.

    Denton, TX Lose 45 pounds and get back into shape. Cardio health is my ultimate goal! Love being outdoors and would like to be able to take off my shirt again.

  4. Joanne A.

    Joanne A.

    Bedford, GB To stay fit, healthy and enjoy the outdoors.

  5. William L.

    William L.

    Schererville, IN To meet people and share the outdoors

  6. Juliet H.

    Juliet H.

    Rocklin, CA Just love all things fit, active, healthy and outdoors.

  7. Oregon D.

    Oregon D.

    london Big Country RV is Oregon's Outdoors Black Stone dealer. Visit our website or stop by to view our inventory.

  8. Scottch


    Dartmouth, NS To enjoy the outdoors.

  9. Chris A.

    Chris A.

    Denver, CO Finding new and exciting ways to enjoy the outdoors and to be active every day.

  10. Rosemike2

    Rosemike2 The Great Outdoors Adventures

  11. Raedawn M.

    Raedawn M.

    Sacramento, CA I walk & run..I am trying to build my stamina so I can run the whole way! My goal is to be able to run 5 miles w/o stopping. Lose weight, and meet new peeps.

  12. Robin


    Saskatoon, SK my heart....and health....and ultimately a few half marathons next year (at least 4) and as many small ones I can do...little victories for this girl!! ;)

  13. Rhea M.

    Rhea M.

    Provence, France, FR Do a 1/2 marathon within the first 6 months of 2011 to then do a marathon by the end of the year, a must for me is a sprint triathlon somewhere in mid year.

  14. Gail S.

    Gail S.

    TN To be totally Fit once again in my life!! Taking it 1 day at a time!

  15. Beth D.

    Beth D.

    Los Angeles, CA I would like to run a marathon at some point, but am starting toward a half marathon first.

  16. Colin J.

    Colin J.

    Woodacre, CA

  17. Bob


  18. Bailey
  19. Benjamine
  20. Carson