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  1. Alexandria R.

    Alexandria R.

    My goals for 2012 are to try many new outdoor challenges such as hang-gliding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and outdoor rock climbing.

  2. Tuan N.
  3. Janet V.

    Janet V.

    Woodland Park, CO Just to keep enjoying any and all exercises to stay healthy and strong for the activities I like.

  4. Kombua


    activities are my hobby. I do not own a website, but for now my favorite site is as I

  5. Sara Hatfield G.

    Sara Hatfield G.

    New York, NY A Healthly & Lean size 4/6...and summer shorts please :-). And injury free so I can get back to calorie burning runs and interval training.

  6. Barrett B.

    Barrett B.

    Jonesboro, AR Sub 20 Minute 5k, Sub 1:38 1/2 Marathon, Sub 3:30 Marathon.

  7. Trent S.

    Trent S.

    Johnson City, TN Life, Black Belt, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon (eventually) :)

  8. Cynara S.

    Cynara S.

    Fortaleza, BR My goal is to get back on Dailymile again, hahaha.

  9. Frank Z.

    Frank Z.

    Minooka, IL Keep moving, stay active, feed my body healthy whole foods, and improve everyday!

  10. Nate


    Lincoln, NE Half-Marathon, Marathon, Some Triathlon

  11. David T.

    David T.

    Urbandale, IA

  12. Ruth G.

    Ruth G.

    Napoli, IT Be better about taking care of myself.

  13. Ulisses T.

    Ulisses T.

    Hollywood, FL better physical fitness and longer time on bike.

  14. Hiro Y.

    Hiro Y.

    San Diego, CA To stay health is the #1 goal and to eat & run. Yeah!

  15. Jessica


    Reston, VA running , biking, swimming lots of events!!! Fun!

  16. Jennifer S.

    Jennifer S.

    Oakland, CA 1/2 Marathons and myself- For 2011, run a Full Marathon w/ my mom.

  17. Katie B.

    Katie B.

    Stone Mountain, GA

  18. Becky


    Townsend, WI

  19. Ben R.

    Ben R.

    Highlands Ranch, CO constant improvement. I always want to get faster and stronger.

  20. Behzad P.

    Behzad P.

    Los Angeles, CA 4 Marathons / Year