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  1. Celthrac


    because it seems fun and you can do a lot here. I love hanging out on other sites too, like and many other.

  2. Celthric


    am also on other sites like facebook or i lvoe bowling, hanging out with friends and recently I fell in love with cooking!

  3. Bernardo
  4. Wyethlalfar


    Well, to be honest I am addicted to socializing with other people. I joined this site for fun.

  5. Patrick B.

    Patrick B.

    St Charles, IL Every other day. Strength training, running, and cycling all summer. 5K in June.

  6. Jessica E.

    Jessica E.

    Weehawken, NJ is to enjoy my first 50 miler in May. Other than that, just spread the happiness of running on to others and inspire when I can!

  7. Maggie K.

    Maggie K.

    Tucson, AZ RAGNARRRRRR, and other weird and kind of crazy stuff. Trying to stay fit and active in general.

  8. Dorothy S.

    Dorothy S.

    Waco, TX Section hiking the AT and any other hiking I can get in. I also plan some rafting and kayaking trips in the next few months.

  9. Marlene V.

    Marlene V.

    As long as God allows me to put one foot in front of the other I will run!!!

  10. Katy C.

    Katy C.

    Alton, GB 1. Beat my time in the Sussex Endurance Life 10km trail run! 2. Do 2 other trail races. 3. Do 1 adventure race. 4. Stick to my training schedule!

  11. John S.

    John S.

    Manchester, MO Make it to 2014 Chicago Marathon in one piece. Sell lots of Altra, Merrell & Scott Shoes and other delicious running stuff.

  12. Sunglassestaste S.

    Sunglassestaste S.

    New York, NY Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.

  13. Nicholas
  14. Robin
  15. Mo M.

    Mo M.

    Using Daily Mile to log mostly Expresso biking. I walk every day, do some weight training, and mix in other cardio at times. Working up 25 mile ride. :)

  16. Akassa


    I decided to check it out. I really enjoy this site and I would highly recommend you other websites like

  17. Kenneth
  18. Sarah


    Fayetteville, AR Starting to train for my 3rd full marathon...coming up in March 2015. Looking for friends to run with and motivate each other!

  19. Reggie
  20. Erwin