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  1. Karina R.

    Karina R.

    Mexico City, MX Open Water Swimming

  2. David C.

    David C.

    Seattle, WA I am an open water swimming enthusiast

  3. Robert A.

    Robert A.

    Austin, TX 5k running and open water swimming races.

  4. Julie A.

    Julie A.

    New Braunfels, TX

  5. Kahn


    San Francisco, CA Not a triathlete just yet. Break 2:15 in the olympic distance triathlon - with a sub-1:00 40km bike. I can eat whatever I want.

  6. Sonia M.

    Sonia M.

    San Francisco, CA Swim to Alcatraz Island in Summer 2012

  7. Cindy S.

    Cindy S.

    Baltimore, MD Goofy Challenge Jan 2012

  8. Carly


    Brisbane Qld, AU

  9. Rick S.

    Rick S.

    Watsonville, CA a thousand run miles this year cycling triple crown in next three years

  10. Sarah


    Ventnor City, NJ For 2013: getting back into the swing of things after injury. One more sprint tri this year, a few ocean mile swims and maybe a current assisted 5K swim.

  11. Rogerio D.

    Rogerio D.

    Queenscliff Nsw, AU Sub 10 hour Ironman in 2009

  12. A Rockett K.

    A Rockett K.

    Ventura, CA Retired IM triathlete & current masters rower training for Ventura Marathon (9/7/14) after years of plantar fasciitis & grad school. Seemed like a good idea...

  13. Jesse


    Stockholm, SE

  14. Patrick B.

    Patrick B.

    Bristol, PA To have a fucking blast at Crossfit.

  15. Terri S.

    Terri S.

    Alexandria, VA Kinetic Sprint May 8, MS Bike 150 June 12&13, Luray & IRONGIRL August, and Savageman in September

  16. Chris B.

    Chris B.

    Lenoir, NC 100+ miles in 24 hours

  17. Tara


    Sun Prairie, WI IM WI 2013 ~ complete the race feeling strong and healthy. Goals to get me there: marathon, sprint, OLY and 1/2 IM tris. Be thankful every step of the way.

  18. Julie A.

    Julie A.

    Portland, OR Under 7 hours at Pac Crest this year.

  19. Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Port Royal, SC The rest of my life; 70.3 in 2012; 140.6 by 60 (2014) and more pr's whatever anyone else thinks is possible :)

  20. Rina M.

    Rina M.

    Bathurst, NB Get back into shape. This round shape is heavy to lug around! SHEESH! :+P