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  1. Terrence
  2. Ella
  3. Alexander B.

    Alexander B.

    Bronx, NY Trying to get better all-around fitness, aerobic and anaerobic.

  4. Dan L.

    Dan L.

    Redondo Beach, CA surprise myself

  5. Cindy F.

    Cindy F.

    Windom, MN I want to lose 25 pounds!!

  6. Jay S.

    Jay S.

    US 2015: Train hard, Climb fast, Run Strong. JFK 50 Miler!

  7. Sara R.

    Sara R.

    Lusby, MD weight loss!! The only way i'm going to get there is by believing in myself!

  8. Erin C.

    Erin C.

    Philadelphia, PA Injury-free training for the Bucks County Half Marathon. Then....maybe tackling the full mary.

  9. Lindsay B.

    Lindsay B.

    Philadelphia, PA 2013 miles by 2013 - made it! 2014 goal is to run, bike, hike and/or backpack 4,028 miles

  10. Victoria S.

    Victoria S.

    Woodway, TX

  11. Edmond
  12. Edgar
  13. Enrique
  14. Gary
  15. Julio
  16. George
  17. Stewart
  18. Martin
  19. Lionel
  20. Manuel