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  1. Noah E.

    Noah E.

    Arlington, VA

  2. Edwin V.

    Edwin V.

    Winnipeg, MB Improve Control of Blood Sugar Levels By Exercise, Diet and Weightloss

  3. Christopher K.

    Christopher K.

    Summerville, SC

  4. Evanthe S.

    Evanthe S.

    Baldwin, MD Losing the baby weight!

  5. Todd R.

    Todd R.

    Broken Arrow, OK Stay in shape so I never have to GET in shape!

  6. Melanie H.

    Melanie H.

    Fosston, MN 1) Get back down to 20:30 in 5K <--- ACHIEVED 12/21/13 20:23. 2) Break 44:00 in 10K. 3) Break 1:40:00 in half-marathon. 5) Do a marathon. <--- ACHIEVED 10/26/14

  7. Jeff C.

    Jeff C.

    Valparaiso, IN Finish the Chicago Marathon in under 4 hours

  8. Corey E.

    Corey E.

    Broomfield, CO To stay 30 in the waist and pretty in the face

  9. George A P.

    George A P.

    Waukegan, IL I want to get down to 160 pounds by August 2012

  10. Daniel E.

    Daniel E.

    Crystal River, FL To get back into racing shape

  11. Keith C.

    Keith C.

    average 12 miles a week running

  12. Abel
  13. Jeffrey
  14. Rod


  15. Ross