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  1. Corey


    WI goals for 2016 continue to place in my divison at 5k races and do some 10k/half marathons along wit actually run during the winter time

  2. Shelley W.

    Shelley W.

    Huntsville, AL Complete my 1st HM in under 2hrs! And of course be The Best "Baby" I can be! ;-)

  3. Amy M.

    Amy M.

    Hammond, IN Well I have many goals and they mostly are to keep running and enjoy it, and of course to also drop my times in my races.

  4. Angela K.

    Angela K.

    New York, NY On a technical level, of course, you can learn as this concerns Overstock Coupon.

  5. Art


  6. Domenico
  7. Timothy
  8. Aaron
  9. Christian
  10. Allison S.

    Allison S.

    MD Long-term: Stay fit, increase speed/mileage, rack up some races Short-term: Crush my half-marathon time of 2:14, blow my dated 5K PR of 27:33 out of the water!

  11. Joseph M.

    Joseph M.

    West Monroe, LA To Run a Marathon with my little sister Julie. To keep myself in shape for the rest of my life. To have wonderful life with all of God's gifts!

  12. Lionel
  13. Michel
  14. Ashley A.

    Ashley A.

    Clinton, MA Complete a 5k in under 30 min. Run my first half marathon on 4/30/17!

  15. Charlie
  16. Howard
  17. Zachariah
  18. Bryan
  19. Tad


  20. Jureti K.

    Jureti K.

    New York, NY