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  1. Patrick W.

    Patrick W.

    Perkasie, PA Currently healing two ankle fractures. Once done goals are: Megatransect, Oil Creek 100, Peak 100, & Leadville 100. With Death Races in between.

  2. Laura C.

    Laura C.

    Boston, MA Half marathon in November Marathon in 2012 Super Spartan Race in 2012 Death Race in 2014 Break 20 mins for 5K race time

  3. Israel R.

    Israel R.

    Bronx, NY 1: Bring my pace down under 8 for a 13 mile run.

  4. Jen S.

    Jen S.

    Somerville, MA Training for Tough Mudder New England, Bone Frog Challenge, and Spartan. Getting ready for backpacking season and more climbing as well.

  5. Monica R.

    Monica R.

    Toronto, ON - Sub 50 minute 10 km - 10 unassisted CTB push-ups - 70.3 - Complete Ultrabeast

  6. Joseph N.

    Joseph N.

    Milford, CT Endurance races. 50mi trail race in 2012, Tough Mudders and Spartan Race Trifecta

  7. Brian C.

    Brian C.

    Kettering, OH Finish 2012 Air Force Marathon barefoot, 2012 Dayton River Corridor Classic barefoot sub 2 hour, 2 Tough Mudder events for 2012

  8. Ronnie V.

    Ronnie V.

    Honolulu, HI Push my body, mind, and spirit to it's mental, emotional, and physical limits. Next up a full Ironman and Spartan race and a hike to Machu Picchu.

  9. Tony V.

    Tony V.

    Tupelo, MS To live a long and healthy life. Continue to run and compete in obstacles races PR's Full 3:24,Half 1:31,10k 38:43,5k 17:45, 2Mi 10:25,1Mi 4:47,1/2Mi 1:55

  10. Dennis U.

    Dennis U.

    Purcellville, VA I've moved my training and tracking over to Complete International Distance Tri 5k 7min pace; 10k 9min pace; 1/2 Marathon 2hrs.

  11. Erin L.

    Erin L.

    Seymour, CT Get back to badassery

  12. Darrel W.

    Darrel W.

    Sanford, NC 100-miler, multi-day fastpacking, Obstacle racing!!

  13. Scott B.

    Scott B.

    West Newbury, MA Top 100 finish in a Spartan race...

  14. Heather G.

    Heather G.

    Myrtle Beach, SC Never stop moving.

  15. Diane M.

    Diane M.

    Bluffton, SC Spartan Beast Race

  16. Lisa K.

    Lisa K.

    Winchester, MA I will conquer the mud run - starting with the Spartan Race!

  17. Cory J.

    Cory J.

    Asheville, NC Sub 2 hour half (Done 4/27/13 @ RNRNashville in 1:49:23) Asheville Citizen Times Marathon 9/2813 (Done 4:03:23) Spartan Race Trifecta

  18. Meredith W.

    Meredith W.

    Folsom, CA Run an 8 min mile half marathon this year and a 10 min mile 50K ultra.

  19. Jessica B.

    Jessica B.

    US I'm currently rehabbing an LCL injury on my left knee but have big plans for 2014! My first half (in June!) and my first full (in December!) Plus other fun!