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  1. Darrel W.

    Darrel W.

    Sanford, NC 100-miler, multi-day fastpacking, Obstacle racing!!

  2. Heather G.

    Heather G.

    Myrtle Beach, SC Never stop moving.

  3. Diane M.

    Diane M.

    Bluffton, SC Spartan Beast Race

  4. Lisa K.

    Lisa K.

    Winchester, MA I will conquer the mud run - starting with the Spartan Race!

  5. Cory J.

    Cory J.

    Asheville, NC Sub 2 hour half (Done 4/27/13 @ RNRNashville in 1:49:23) Asheville Citizen Times Marathon 9/2813 (Done 4:03:23) Spartan Race Trifecta

  6. Meredith W.

    Meredith W.

    Folsom, CA Run an 8 min mile half marathon this year and a 10 min mile 50K ultra.

  7. Jessica B.

    Jessica B.

    US I'm currently rehabbing an LCL injury on my left knee but have big plans for 2014! My first half (in June!) and my first full (in December!) Plus other fun!