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  1. Kimberly


    Scottsdale, AZ I want to keep running and keep having fun doing so. I am very interesting in sports nutrition and am currently working on a certificate program in nutrition.

  2. Sarah H.

    Sarah H.

    Omaha, NE Registered Dietitian, mom of 4 amazing boys. I run and walk for good health.

  3. Vira K.

    Vira K.

    Lansdale, PA Sub-4:00 at NJ Marathon! And have fun along the way!

  4. Cintia


    Houston, TX I'm a wife & mother who wants to stay in shape through exercise and smart nutrition. My goal is to train well and complete many Marathons.

  5. Joshua R.

    Joshua R.

    New York, NY

  6. Dara T.

    Dara T.

    OH To continue on a path of nutrition and fitness that sets a positive example for others!

  7. Cat


    My main goal is weight loss but via increasing fitness and nutrition not through disordered eating or other unsatisfying methods. Fitness goal= 5K in spring!

  8. Derek J.

    Derek J.

    Santa Monica, CA Derek is an integrative/holistic nutritionist who serves as the Executive Nutrition Director of The Biggest Loser Resorts

  9. Sean
  10. Daniel
  11. Lon


  12. Bailey
  13. Isham
  14. Reggie
  15. Trey
  16. Jacob
  17. Freddy
  18. Eli


  19. Smith
  20. Sami